Copyright infringement secures $20M to gamify deck presentations –

When it comes to creating presentations, PowerPoint and Keynote will be the real tools while taking advantage of the current benefits. PowerPoint says more than one billion installers and 500 million users alone, thanks to Microsoft’s long-term relationship with Office with certain Windows editions. But this has not stopped companies from trying to disrupt the status quo. In addition to Prezi, there is Pitch, a three-story building from the founders of Wunderlist. Also space in one of the product segments is Gamma, a proprietary designer platform built for card-like integration.

Satisfied that he has something new to contribute, Rajat Mishra in 2021 collaborated with,’S launch device today closes $ 20 million Series A round led by Graycroft valued at “north” $ 100 million. In addition to hosting corporate designs to build branded exhibitions, offers customized educational courses to help employees develop their presentation skills.

“[I] Recognizing that a great business story is essential for making your ideas shine and developing your skills. However, millions of busy business professionals do not have the time or training to bring their ideas to life, “Mishra told TechCrunch by email.” Alternatives such as management consulting and design agencies are expensive and unavailable. most business professionals. “

Mishra, a former Microsoft engineering manager who spent more than five years with McKinsey, was the general consultant general of Mu Sigma before becoming SVP for Cisco customer experience. Before launching, Mishra founded Prezentium, a company that creates exhibitions on behalf of business clients.

Unlike Prezentium, is self-service, offering “brand-compliant” designs that comply with company standards defined in the C-suite. At, users can share and collaborate on forums and story lines – the service design is compatible with PowerPoint and Google Slides. dashboard online design.

The “AI” in refers to the proposals for working on the product. When users log in, they are greeted with features that match their personal preferences, popular site choices and so on. According to Mishra,’s algorithms take into account factors such as the audience’s likes and dislikes and the company’s tribal knowledge (e.g., healthcare) to present stories, presentations, and images.

“We are using AI to define emotion and context,” Mishra explained, to clarify. “Communication is different in context. Algoorithmsya learns to personalize communication based on emotion and context.

For gamified parties, offers lectures covering four core areas: problem solving, visual storytelling, presentation design, and presentation presentation. Each course includes content, questions, and exercises aimed at developing specific skills.

So, will succeed in thwarting the introduction of both beginner and larger design tools on the market? Mishra makes the case that today’s young professionals do not have time to learn the basics of the show without the help of a service like Real data is hard to come by, but at least one exploration suggests that Generation Z feels unprepared for workplace tasks such as negotiation, networking and regular public speaking. is not the only solution, but it is not impossible to suggest products as it can bring some confidence to the staff always responsible for the presentation.

Mishra says has more than 30 paid subscribers with hundreds of combined teams and “thousands” active users.

“[The goal is to give] “Everyone in the company has a modern business acumen – structured stories inspired by management consulting, highly skilled architects, expert guides, and general education departments,” Mishra said. . “Working from home has changed the dynamics of business communication. Coffee room conversations and short room-to-room conversations have been replaced by live conferences and online chats.

Other investors participating in’s Series A include WestWave Capital and Emergent Ventures, both of which invested in the June 2021 seed cycle. plans to use a portion of its revenue to expand its headline of nearly 60 employees to more than 100 by the end of the year.