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Parcast union contract with Spotify includes pay raises and diversity promises

Employees of Parcast, a podcast production company owned by Spotify, shared details of their new three-year contract today. The contract covers workplace issues such as wages, diversity, health care, layoffs, and more. It is rare for a technology company to have one organization, let alone three, according to Spotify. Parcast Unity follows the successful paths of Gimlet Media and Ringer, which approved the Spotify deals last year.

Parcast announced in early April that it had agreement reached. Organization, such as Gimlet and Ringer, represented by the American Writers Association, East. (Launch: WGAE represents the editorial staff of Vox Media, incl Qarka.)

The deal was announced on April 6, just days after Parcast staff threatened get out of work after 15 months of negotiation. At that time, 97 percent of the unit had signed a strike.

The terms of the contract announced today include bids that the union has previously said are a challenge. Proposals requiring half of all job candidates who have passed the telephone interview to come from an unrepresented group have already been rejected, the organization said March. This agreement is in the contract, and the measure will be reached at the end of the three-year period. The organization also received $ 100,000 for diversity committee annually.

Parcast employees, who produce popular real-life crime scenes and covert scenes, have been successful in boosting all employees, with the lowest paid employees receiving an increase of between 10 percent and 25 percent. The contract also includes a 2 percent annual wage guarantee and overtime protection, a minimum of 11 weeks deduction, and a guarantee of no change or increase in health benefits.

“We are very happy with the terms of our new Union contract, which we have all fought to achieve,” Parcast’s negotiating committee said in a statement. “Our division has shown remarkable unity, to the extent that we have signed a strike pledge, and we are delighted to be able to move forward with the next chapter of our efforts.”

One thing that is not covered by the contract is the intellectual property, which is the named organization which was an important area of ​​development for which she was fighting. Agreements between Gimlet and Ringer Organizations have also come out on the topic of IP, the site next to Spotify.

The approved Parcast contract is part of a unifying wave of technology companies from manufacturers to warehouse workers. It comes just weeks after a historic vote at the Amazon warehouse earlier this month when Staten Island employees voted to create the company’s first ever U.S. corporation.