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OwnID raises $6M to replace passwords with smartphone-based biometrics –

The founders Identity ownership, Dor Shany and Rooly Eliezerov, co-founders of Gigya, a startup that wanted to facilitate customer identification assistance. They sold that initial SAP for $ 350 million in 2017, but the idea of ​​facilitating access to websites without conflict has always been on their backbone, and they launched OwnID last year to help solve that particular problem.

Shany that the basic team understood the identity of their time Gigya, and wanted to create a company to make it as easy as possible to verify on the user side. Anyone who has forgotten the password knows how crazy this task can be.

Their idea was to transfer the method to your phone and take advantage of the built-in phone identification system. “The phone is actually a verification of two things alone because it is something you have and biometric identification. The point is to go to the website, enter your email address, click on” skip password “and enter your biometric ID on your phone. (face or finger).

If you have ever tried to access a streaming service like Netflix on your TV, you know it can be a frustrating experience, and in such cases, OwnID gives you a QR code on the screen, and you use your phone to draw code, then log in to your phone.

Another annoyance OwnID takes care of is when you are between devices and you need to remember your password (if you do not have a key manager of some kind). With OwnID ID, you can always verify by phone, so that your problem goes away.

Shany says it’s hard to charge because you’ve registered on your phone the first time you visit a cryptographic website that has been stored on your phone since then. Whenever a website or app sees your phone has a key, they know it is you.

From the web site owner’s point of view, they connect to OwnID using the API, and once the developer adds the code, users are presented with the option to enter anonymously using the phone.

The company is launching OwnID in general today for the first time, but is already working with major customers such as Nestle and DeLonghi. It currently has about 20 employees and plans to double it next year. He said the crisis has actually made it easier to have a diverse workforce because they can employ people anywhere, and that gives them a lot of flexibility.

OwnID today announced $ 6.2 million worth of bees led by Mayfield. Gigya’s former co-founder company raised more than $ 100 million, according to Crunchbase, before acquiring SAP. It is noteworthy that Mayfield was also a former investor in the company.