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One week left to save $200 on passes to TC Sessions: Climate –

Whether you are an early founder, developer, investor or productive scientist, you are not going to miss out on many opportunities. TC Meetings: Climate 2022 (featured in the Extreme Tech Challenge 2022 Global End).

Our first climate technology summit will take place in person at UC Berkley’s Zellerbach Auditorium in Berkeley, California June 14 – with an online day followed by June 16.

Do you know what else you are not able to miss? Our prices for early birds, which will expire next week. Buy your card by 11:59 pm (PT) on May 6and you will save $ 200.

What can you expect from TC Meetings: Climate? More than 1,000 people determined to save our planet will come together to hear, and interact with, early knowledge of founders, managers, scientists, researchers, engineers and VCs funding them.

TechCrunch editors will be interviewing leading voices in the fight against climate change – such as the founder of Unconventional Foods and vision officer, Pat Brown. The link between climate change and animal husbandry in the diet has encouraged him to create better meat than plants.

That is one example of the many that will come. The agenda, which we will announce in a few weeks, will include discussions, 1: 1 interviews and interviews, as well as short conversations, topic-directed schedules, where you can comment in depth, link and collaboration. .

Do you want to talk about this event or do you recommend someone to speak? The TechCrunch Editor will accept the speaker’s recommendations until May 6. Complete this applicationand you will receive a notice on May 13.

Do not forget to move to the exhibition floor where you will find dozens of boundaries pushing the beginnings of climate technology demonstrating their technology and capabilities. It is a fertile ground for networking like-minded saviors, finding collaborative opportunities or maybe even meeting a founder or a baby unicorn. Check out the exhibits, try some of the laboratory-grown foods and see the latest technology in the green building.

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TC Meetings: Climate 2022 It expires June 14 in Berkeley, California (with an online date June 16), but your chances of earning the price of early birds are limited. Friday, May 6 at 11:59 pm (PT). You want to reduce waste, right? Final ending, buy an old bird card and save $ 200!

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