New MacBook Pro 2021 rumor, Claim UHS-II SD card reader, RAM capped at 32 GB

According to New MacBook Pro speculations from Apple-centric YouTuber Luke Miani, the forthcoming MacBook Pro will feature a UHS-II SD card reader with reading speeds up to three times quicker than the previous MacBook Pro and MacBook Air models’ UHS-I card readers. However, Miani alleges that the next New MacBook Pro will be limited to 32 GB of MacBook ram, citing insider information.

The rumor mill for the New MacBook Pro is churning at full speed, and YouTuber Luke Miani is adding to the pile. According to Miani, the next MacBook Pro will have a nice feature that Apple pros have long requested, but it will come with a caveat that Cupertino aficionados may claim to cripple the computer.

These claims were made in Gurman’s ‘Power On’ newsletter, which also stated that the fall will be a busy time for Apple product news. That makes sense, given that Apple typically announces its new iPhone lineup in September.

New MacBook Pro 2021 rumor, capped at 32 GB of MacBook ram

According to a New MacBook Pro rumor, Apple’s upcoming redesigned MacBook Pro models (rumored to be the MacBook Pro 14-inch (2021) and New MacBook Pro 16-inch (2021) will have a memory configuration of 32GB MacBook ram.

This comes from Apple leaker Luke Miani on YouTube, who believes that the upcoming laptops will be limited to 32GB of storage, rather than the 64GB that previous speculation (from the likes of Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman) suggested.

Miani claims that the upcoming MacBook Pro will have a UHS-II SD card slot in a YouTube video and an AppleTrack article published today. While many have speculated that an SD card reader will return to the MacBook Pro lineup with this year’s release, Miani claims that the slot will support UHS-II speeds, citing “a trusted source.”

UHS-II card readers are three times faster than UHS-I readers found in most laptops, with reading speeds of up to 312 MB/s. The Apple Macbook Air (2017) and MacBook Pro from 2015 were the last Apple laptops to include an SD card reader, with reading speeds ranging from 75 to 90 MB/.

While the addition of a fast SD card reader is welcome (especially for videographers and photographers), Miani also reported a disappointing rumor: the next MacBook Pro may only have 32 GB of MacBook ram. While this may seem like plenty of RAM for most people, IT professionals and videographers who require a lot of RAM may be disappointed with Apple’s highest-end laptop.

It should be noted that other rumors claim that the New MacBook Pro will have a maximum RAM of 64 GB. Additionally, as of press time, Apple sells MacBook Pros with up to 64 GB of MacBook ram.

The new MacBook Pro Touch ID sensor on the upcoming New MacBook Pro will also have a backlight, according to Miani. He hopes that Apple will include animations and light patterns in this rumored backlight to draw attention to notifications, logins, and other items. These animations were created as a personal wish for Miani and were not included in his inside information.

The new MacBook Pro Touch ID button with backlight The latter could be made up of a number of small LEDs, implying that it could include animations of some sort.

These rumors, like all rumors, should be taken with a grain of salt. As we get closer to a possible launch of whatever Apple has planned for the MacBook Pro line, rumors will intensify. Miani doesn’t usually spread rumors about Apple products, so proceed with caution.

We haven’t seen a major redesign of the MacBook Pros in years, aside from internal specs changes, so it’s long overdue. Meanwhile, take a look at our picks for the best laptops on the market right now.

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