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Meet Morado, a two-month old Colombian marketplace for the beauty industry that just raised $5M –

Tiger Global, Andreessen Horowitz and H20 Capital contributed to the initial seed financing

Morado, two months old The Colombian startup, which wanted to digitalize Latin American beauty salons, has raised $ 5 million in the first round of seeding from international investors.

Tiger Global Management and H20 Capital Innovation are leading the round, with the participation of Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), QEDl, Latitude and Global Village (supported by Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates). In fact, Morado is part of the a16z’s new START program. A group of angelic investors also poured money into the circle, including Simon Borrero, the Colombian founder of the unicorn Rappi bid; Frubana founder Fabian Gomez; Tul’s Enrique Villamarin; and the founders of Truora and Chiper, among others.

Morado’s goal is straightforward: to revive the existing supply chain through direct software technology and delivery the next day. Notably, the founder Angela Maria Acosta was a former Rappi employee. She spent four years with the company in various roles, introducing the company’s catering and serving as Rappi Pay’s head of business development.

Now, she wants to take that experience and apply it to growth Moradowhich pays on the same day, access credit and what Acosta describes as the “largest product portfolio of LatAm” in the B2B market.

“We are all things that are stored in beauty stores,” Acosta, who also serves as the company’s manager, told TechCrunch. “Morado, beauty shops have access to everything they need to work with, from hair products to clothing and cleaning products.”

The demand is there, in her opinion.

“There are more than 700,000 cosmetics companies in Latin America, and the supply chain industry has not changed for more than 40 years,” she said. “Eight-five per cent of beauty salons do not adopt any type of digital equipment. The industry lacks technology in every way.”

In the first 30 days of the operation, Morado says he “already had national insurance for shipping to Colombia.” It also has more than 60 employees, 72% of whom are women.

The startup plans to use its new capital to accelerate the growth of its native Colombia and to put the Mexican brand, where it intends to move during 2022.

Daniel Lloreda, co-founder and general partner of H20 Capital Innovation, said his company is working on taking a more straightforward approach to alerting the online industry online “with a clear financial system map.”

“We met Angie months before Morado was founded and I was driven by her desire and desire to deal with a sex market that is ripe for disruption,” he told TechCrunch.

H20 Capital Creativity is a cross-border investment fund operating in the United States and Latin America. Its headquarters are in Miami.