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Meta wants to sell you the metaverse in its first brick-and-mortar store –

The former company Facebook is close to having an IRL store.

Meta will open its doors to the Meta Store (almost reported at the Meat Store, this is a very different store – really the opposite type) May 9. The company’s first purchase experience They are located in the Meta Burlingame camp, home of the Metaverse-focused reality lab unit, and will be open Monday through Friday.

Ray Ban Stories in Meta Store

Meta Store

Customers can try out Meta’s various in-store tools, including Link, Meta Quest 2 and Meta’s rich redesigned Google Glass, Ray-Ban Stories. While Meta will automatically sell the first two in-store, you will still need to order smart glasses through Ray-Ban using a seller. The company is also redesigning with a new online shopping strategy so that you do not leave your home with a complete branding experience.

Up to Quest 2, Meta’s VR devices already sold under the Oculus brand since retiring, customers can try a good selection of games including Beat Saber rhythm, VR Supernatural, GOLF + and Real VR Fishing, for the modern father. market segment.

Mark Zuckerberg beautifully released the cat bag last week in a post on Instagram showing him making VR in the same way as everyone else, in a future Apple-like retail environment with a big screen and Nikes, as Anyone can wear it. . The company was apparently interested in retail stores until at least 2020 compared to a Report by The New York Times, which accurately detailed many of the unique features of the upcoming store late last year.

But, isn’t this the standard, one might ask? The web of the many visions of virtual identity that connect us to digital retail experiences, and ourselves and each other? Well, you can’t really sell meta meta objects to people without getting a metaverse, so Meta has every reason to get its VR device especially the most hands-on. With that in mind, it is surprising that Meta / Facebook does not already have a brick-and-mortar store. It happens now, though.