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Meta disputes allegations of poor work conditions at its contractor’s hub in Kenya –

A few weeks ago, a law firm threatened to sue social media giant Meta and its largest data mediation contractor in Africa, Sama, over security and unfair working conditions at the back office. Kenya.

The law firm, Nzili and Sumbi Advocates have accused Sama of violating various rights, including health and privacy, for its Kenyan and international staff. Meta and Sama are required to comply with Kenya’s labor, confidentiality and health law, including providing its mediators with adequate mental health insurance and good compensation.

In a review seen by TechCrunch, Meta distanced itself from the claim. Sama, who is accused of sacking her former employee Daniel Motaung after leading a 2019 strike due to poor pay and working conditions, also denied any wrongdoing.

“Your client’s work has been suspended because of unacceptable actions against other employees who endangered their safety. The process that led to your client’s suspension was fair, clear and well-documented; There is no basis for allegations that “Your client has been unfairly fired. Also, there is no basis to accuse your client of being entitled to compensation,” Motaung’s lawyer, Mercy Mutemi, wrote to Sama’s lawyers, Bowmans.

The law firm representing Motaung has now threatened to go ahead with plans to file a lawsuit.

Sama’s troubles began when a Time story detailed how the company recruited its mediators with false excuses saying they were taking jobs at the call center. The text mediators, hired in Africa, say they only found out what their job was after signing contracts and moving to their headquarters in the Kenyan capital Nairobi.

The mediators filter the posts on social media sites of all their sites, including Facebook, to eliminate perpetrators and perpetuate hatred, misinformation and violence. One of the many requirements that employees must meet is that they are not told the nature of their jobs to foreigners. The salaries of key mediators in Africa, the article adds, are among the lowest in the world. Sama, which is itself designing an ethical AI company, has since increased its payroll.

Motaung’s lawyer accused Sama of failing to provide her client and colleagues with adequate social and mental health support, including “unplanned breaks needed especially after exposure to graphic material.” The productivity of Sama employees, it is said, is also monitored using Meta software – to measure staff screen time and activity during working hours. Sama gave her “thirty minutes a day with a fitness consultant.”

Meta said it was not specific to their contractor arrangements with Moutang.

“Therefore, there is no employer / employee relationship between Meta and Claimant (Motaung), for which action can be prepared. Good on the Plaintiff in terms of Sama’s work, as Meta is not and has never been the employer, ”said Anjaarwalla & Khanna LLP, law. difficult on my behalf.

In a previous report, a Meta spokesperson told TechCrunch that they regularly conduct audits with their partners and encourage reviewers to submit complaints when issues arise. They added: “We take responsibility for people who are serious about Meta content and require our partners to pay the salaries, benefits and support of the leading industry.”