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Marvel’s Fantastic Four movie just lost its director

Involvement of director Jon Watts in Marvel’s wild success Caaro-Man Films over the past few years have made Kevin Feige 2019 announcement that Watts will help the next studio. Four fantastic the film does more than make sense. It now appears, though, that Marvel’s First Family plans are back on the big screen hitting the fray.

in the end reports that Jon Watts intentionally left next Four fantastic a film from an understandable desire to take a good break from making heroic films. In a public report, Kevin Feige revealed that he has been working with Watts for the past three years Caaro-Man the films were a pleasure and that the studio would very much like to work with him in the future.

“We were hoping to continue our work with him to bring in the Four Fantastic MCU but we understand and support the reasons for his departure,” Feige said. “We are hopeful that we will have the opportunity to work together again one day.”

Watts added that he is working with Marvel Caaro-Man the film “was a life-changing and wonderful experience,” and it’s easy to understand why he wants to go back to the franchise, if only to recharge his creative batteries. In the next Four fantastic will be the biggest introduction to MCU actors after Disney’s acquisition of 21st Century Fox – who already had their cinema rights – there is little question that Marvel is already working to find another director. Now, next Four fantastic does not have a predicted release date.