Logitech MK345 Review

Logitech MK345 and MK550 Wireless Combo Review – Which one is best?

The MK345 of Logitech is its first line of mouse and keyboard combo, which gives the most functionality to customers and also budget-friendly prices.

Design and Build Quality:

The keyboard provided hereby Logitech comes with a complete style. This means you don’t forget something, and here’s the num pad. It feels very rigid and sturdy the whole size of the keyboard. The overall keyboard typing experience is a kind of brief keyboard journey.

On the other hand, the mouse is built especially for rectangular people that may offend those of the left. This mouse is very simple to use with its convenient and ergonomic nature. It’s very useful for the whole monitoring.


Characteristics are a place where Logitech shines very. They put a lot of things to differentiate them from the masses of their goods. The keyboard has an incorporated resting on the hand, which is an enormous thing for those who have a rest on the palm. The rest makes for a comfortable typing environment for everyone. The other unique advantage of this keyboard is the waste-resistant material used for keyboard construction. There is no substance that can touch the keyboard.

The mice of Logitech were still a class master. This mouse is also one of the finest mice that has decent tracking and hand feeling and can be used for long sessions.


For Logitech, portability is highly critical and they have ensured that you have the most portability possible. It is easy to build both the keyboard and the mouse so you can quickly transport it. You should hold them in a backpack because of the thin profile of the keyboard and the mouse.


Instead of Bluetooth, Logitech has opted for a wireless link. This helps them to be linked stably and easily. In this system, you can not notice any delay or delay. The dongle will connect the device with peripherals in a solid way.

Compared to Bluetooth, the dongle option is easier, so you just have to insert the dongle into the device. If the dongle is attached, both the keyboard and the mouse link to the computer.

Life of the battery:

Logitech’s battery life has always been fantastic, as it optimizes the full battery life for its devices. With this mouse and keyboard, you get years of battery life, so battery life is not a concern.


One of Logitech’s greatest combinations is the MK345. The palm rest is an outstanding complement to the already fantastic keyboard and a good bonus is a spill-resistant surface. The mouse has good construction consistency and reliable monitoring. It also has a strong USB link that gives a lag-free experience.

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Logitech’s devices have already been a leading maker in the keyboard and mouse industry, and the MK550 is again built to capture the market.


The wireless keyboard has a wrist rest, which improves the total typing experience, with its outstanding curved shape. Your wrists have a place to settle. The padding is sufficient enough for your typing experience to be relaxed. The keyboard height can also be changed, which is awesome, and Logitech provides three height adjustment levels.

The mouse is a laser mouse and its tracking is very sensitive. The precise and convenient tracking actually increases the mouse ‘s appeal. On the keyboard too, the extra custom keys are very handy.

Build and Design:

The best thing about the combo is undoubtedly the keyboard style. Logitech has curved the shape of the keyboard, so that everyone can type them quickly. On this keyboard, the fingers shift effortlessly from key to key. This makes it even easier to type the entire experience. The structure is therefore robust, and the frame has slight flex.

The mouse is also very ergonomic and brings a nice feeling to the hand when it helps us to follow better. This mouse is no brainer for longer sessions because it is easy to keep.

Battery Life:

There has always been a fantastic battery life for the Logitech combinations. They have always stood out for having super long battery life. The entire configuration and characteristics of the mouse and keyboard was designed to sustain full battery life.


The portability is the first thing that is in mind since both the keyboard and the mouse are wireless. The keyboard and mouse are ultra-portable because of their lightweight interface features. The keyboard on your lap can be accessed easily. The mouse is lightweight too, meaning it can be carried around. With less weight, you also have a great typing and monitoring experience.


Logitech used the good old USB dongle to connect this keyboard and the mouse combination, much like most of the combos in the industry. Compared to Bluetooth, the entire procedure is painless and quick. You just need to plug in and go for the USB dongle.

In order to pair, it doesn’t even need something extraordinary. Only pair a keyboard with the mouse with the dongle. This facility provides the customer with a degree of convenience.


The features they sell in their combo have never been disappointed by Logitech and the MK550 is certainly one of its best yet. It is incredibly helpful and easy to reach the construction efficiency of the curved style of the keyboard. With accurate tracking the mouse is superb. Overall, it is certainly worth buying this combo.

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Both wireless combos are the best of all in the market. You can consider buying it but if you need to purchase it at less price then go for Logitech Mk345.

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