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Lincoln’s new electric concept car uses lo-fi beats and ‘fragrances’ to elevate your state of mind

Lincoln, Ford’s flagship luxury brand, has said it will release four electric cars by 2026, when 50 percent of its global sales will be EVs. The company has also unveiled its Lincoln Star concept to introduce the new design language that will come in the definition of its next electric line.

And what an idea it is! Car doors, frung flat like extra storage cabinets, full interior design, and a beautiful, aerodynamic profile that feels more like a Horse Future than Ford. The concept of the Lincoln Star is intended to be the “last resort” for the wealthy who prefer to drive in future megalopolises.

Lincoln has been making plans to add files to its portfolio for months. The company had hoped to work with the launch of the exciting EV Rivian SUV electric car, but that plan was thrown out by disaster. Afterwards, Lincoln considered introducing at least five new battery-powered SUVs by 2026, according to him. reported the Reuters news agency last February. That includes power-powered models to replace or supplement Lincoln Corsair, Nautilus, Aviator, and Navigator, newswire reported.

That seems to be a bit of a reversal to this current return: three fully electric cars by 2025, and a fourth by 2026. Lincoln also noted that it recently reported its best annual global sales in 21 years, which is up. rose 7 percent by 2021. It plans to “build on its momentum with the recent launch of Zephyr in China and the new North American Navigator.”

The Lincoln Star concept is also meant to inspire customers with what is happening in pike. The carmaker claims the concept will use “design, lighting, displays, fragrances and sounds to create a customer-friendly experience.” This will include three different mood modes that combine digital imagery, lighting, and fragrance to help passengers take a more relaxed mental state.

Mood control includes:

Beach Morning uses simple sounds, ocean sounds, fragrant sea fog and soft, warm sunlight with all-active light to repeat the beach walk when the sun rises.

Mindful Vitality is meant to rejuvenate the senses, with stimuli, auditory enhancement, vibrant artistic, delicate, all-encompassing light and floral scent.

In the evening cool the evening glasses with a nighttime soundtrack combined with a nighttime video and the evergreen scent.

As a matter of fact, Lincoln does not release any details about electric trains, batteries, amplitude, or charging. We can assume that the expensive brand will work hand-in-hand with its parent company, Ford, as it prepares to begin delivering its highly anticipated F-150 to its customers.

Ford already has two EV stations that could be used in the future of luxury electric SUVs. It seems likely that the company will announce an electric Navigator based on the F-150 Lightning (which will be an interesting GM response to the Hummer electric) and an exchange based on the Mustang Mach-E sometime in the near future. The carmaker says batteries are expected to cost $ 30 billion on EVs by 2030.