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Here is Lego’s ultimate version of Luke Skywalker’s X-34 Star Wars Landspeeder

Slowly but surely, Lego is uplifting all the famous cars you have ever seen in the form of bricks – like Back to the Future DeLorean, Space Shuttle, and, of course, the Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series, including the legendary 7,541-piece UCS Millennium Falcon and the 6,785-piece UCS AT-AT Walker. Today, Luke’s scuffed-up X-34 Landspeeder is receiving treatment on time for Star Wars Day (“May 4th”), and for $ 199, the 1,890-girl is sure to look like the unit.

The GIF was written by Sean Hollister / The Verge, a video created by Lego

Below you will find the biggest photos we can post to summarize and see the details for yourself – including a lovely and detailed, unique C-3PO minifig that got half the price right, one leg of gold once. It is 19 inches long.

The cockpit is beautifully covered, too, and I love how Lego has reached the pencil line around the front and sides of the model. Like the DeLorean, it is a huge step up from it in simple ways Lego has made Landspeeder so far. But just as DeLorean with its winged wings does not rise or illuminate the Millennium Falcon in the sea instead of being real, there is still room for cheating. Why give us smaller minifigs instead of Lego Luke and C-3PO that can really fit in the living room? Maybe next time.