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Jeff Bezos is just asking questions about Elon Musk, Twitter, and China

Shortly before Twitter announced it had accepted Elon Musk’s offer of $ 44 million, the world’s richest man. tweeted“I hope even the worst ones stay on Twitter, because that is what freedom of speech means.”

His promise will receive a light test thanks to the billionaire technology / missile enthusiast / media mogul. Jeff Bezos quotes a New York Times The reporter’s twitter account indicates that Tesla’s business interests in China could give the government control of Twitter through its new owner, saying“An interesting question. Has the Chinese government gained some power in the city square?

Bezos is far from the only person with questions, comments, and criticism about buying Elon Musk Twitter (Twitter staff are probably close to the front of the line). However, unlike most, it belongs to him Washington Post owns a net worth of $ 177.5 billion within the Elon border ($ 264.6 billion).

Reports suggestion Elon sales should close without much legal hassle, but pushing the angle of impossibility of a foreign government is one way you can keep jobs … if you have a few billion dollars and more time in your hands . Of course, as Elon once told me, “Twitter is fun“And maybe this is how billionaires joke, like showing themselves on Facebook or something. Or maybe Jeff is just like most of us and a little annoyed about who might be. have its own secret DMs within a few months.