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Introducing the Startup Battlefield 200 –

TechCrunch Startup Battlefield is expanding. The ecosystem of technology has grown tremendously in size and potential since the early days of the Battlefield Beginning and it is time for us to grow. That is why we are proud to announce the TechCrunch Startup Battlefield 200, a new era of exciting community competition.

Showcasing international founders

In October, TechCrunch will host a select team of 200 starters for TC Disrupt 2022. The competition will be tough. If selected from thousands of applications, the startup will receive it full access presentation, special workshops, training, benefits and display space three-day exhibition floor. All selected founders will have the opportunity to direct in front of investors and TechCrunch Editors.

With the exception of Battlefield Finalists 200, 20 companies will be selected as Battlefield Finalists.

As always, the latter will sit in the main stage of the chaos in front of all TC audiences, receive exclusive field training and be presented at TechCrunch. The winner will hit you $ 100,000 reward and all glory.

We want to clarify a few things that set the Battlefield Star apart from, well, the stadium.

100% free apply and participation.

As always, TechCrunch does not require any equality from competitors or winners.

Private companies will have only one way to present Disrupt – Apply TechCrunch Startup Battlefield 200. The only way to become a Battlefield Finalist is to select Startup Battlefield 200!

You need to apply here. The deadline is July 31. Permission will start coming out July 1.

Why expand Startup Battlefield

From the first TC50, the Battlefield Start program selected teams of up to 20 companies for each event. The selected companies received special training, a free exhibition space and the opportunity to sit on the main stage of Disrupt for the $ 100,000 prize.

Because of the design, it was an impossible task and difficult to downplay, and we transferred it to very interesting and highly invested companies that we would like to include. This new program allows many beginners to participate in the Battlefield Start program and still receive benefits.

Yes, this means that if you were selected as part of the Startup Battlefield 200, you will not have to pay to display the Disrupt display floor.

Young companies trying to extend their seed cycle will not pay to play to enter the room, they just need to have a large company and apply now, right here.

This feels more serious, more organic and more fair, all of which we relate to TechCrunch Startup Battlefield and, ideally, startup life. There is no money to play with individual founders.

How to become a part of the TechCrunch Startup Battlefield 200

The process is simple. Just ask here. Note: Applications are accepted on a regular basis, so receive your application ASAP. Starting this year, apply for all TechCrunch events in one application. Apply once and select the events that best fit your start. Companies that fit our team’s logo should:

  • Be a start-up
  • Have the least effective product
  • Represents everything straight
  • Represent each geography
  • Directly create a new creative activity
  • Subsidize or have a high level of investment (depending on the industry)

We are very pleased with the changes that have taken place on the Battlefield at the beginning of this year and we hope you apply.