Ice Cream Deserves to Be Eaten From a Mug

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Picture: Joel Kahn

Even as the pandemic wanes (form of—get vaccinated!) and we set the political strife of 2020 in the evaluate mirror (wait, basically…), there is even now a good deal to be upset about each and just about every day. So let us set our put together stress aside and agree on one issue: Ice product is very best enjoyed when eaten from a coffee mug.

Hear up, bowl people today: you will need the substantial sides of a mug to thoroughly scoop the ice cream on to your spoon. Bowl walls are far too reduced, and cause you to push your ice cream around and all around, in no way to produce it to your hungry mouth. Also, the mug manage retains your body warmth absent from the frozen handle, delaying its melting.

Speaking of melting, as soon as your ice product last but not least gets to be liquid, I have received excellent news for you! It is previously in a cup! So you can conveniently just tip the mug back and consume your newly formed soup. Or improved still (as a further Joel suggested), incorporate some coffee to it and now you have a entire new beverage—with significantly less cleanup.

It’s the most effective way to eat ice cream—at home

I ought to caveat this common fact by pointing out that cones are great, but 1) on a very hot summertime working day, the ice cream will melt and inevitably run all more than your hand, and anyway, 2) cones are best when getting ice cream from a tiny store. This mug rule is for making the most of ice cream at house. Containers of store-bought cones are never as good as the kinds you get from a soda fountain, served by a counter attendant in a enjoyable paper hat. (This is my idealized edition of 1950s suburbia.)

Last but not least, nothing at all states “Fun!” like consuming out of a mug. It signifies sleepovers, film nights, and snuggling time. It is the excellent casual vessel to say “I’m just likely to have a small midnight snack, but I really do not have a lot of a sweet tooth”… and then enables you to consume 12 ounces of gelato by by yourself.

This article was at first printed in August 2020 and current on June 21, 2021 to align with latest Lifehacker design and style tips, and for the reason that it is summer, damnit.