How to Use Viewfinder on Apple Watch [Easy Method]

Apple Watch is the best wearable to use if you have an iPhone. By default, it has been designed to work seamlessly with the iPhone. For this to work, you have to pair your Apple Watch with your iPhone. With this, you can carry out many features like ECG, Heart-rate monitor, Fall-detection, calorie-counting, and breathing reminders, and more. Further, you can use your Apple Watch as a Viewfinder for your iPhone. With Viewfinder, you can see what your iPhone is focusing on your WatchOS. You can capture an image with the help of a tripod or the timed image by setting the timer on the watchOS with Viewfinder. And Viewfinder can be used on WatchOS by pairing it with iPhone 6S or later with iOS 13 or higher. Check out this session to know how to use Viewfinder on Apple Watch.

How to Use Viewfinder on Apple Watch

To use Viewfinder on Apple Watch, you have to first know how to pair your iPhone with Apple Watch. Look at the below-listed steps to learn how to pair Apple Watch with iPhone.

Steps to Pair Apple Watch with iPhone

1. Put on your Apple Watch on your wrist and turn on your Apple Watch.

2. Press and hold the Apple Watch’s side button until you see the Apple logo.

3. Then, bring your iPhone near your Apple Watch and wait for the pairing screen to appear on your iPhone.

4. Further, tap Continue. Alternatively, launch the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, and tap Pair New Watch.

Pair Apple Watch

5. When prompted, position your iPhone so that your Apple Watch appears in the Viewfinder in the Apple Watch app. It pairs the two devices.

6. Proceed to follow the instructions on your iPhone and Apple Watch to finish the setup.

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Steps to Use Viewfinder on Apple Watch to Take Photo

1. Press and hold the Apple Watch’s Digital Crown to it turn on.

2. Next, tap the Apple Watch Companion app on Apple Watch to open it. You will get connecting to Camera message.

open the camera app to use viewfinder on apple watch

3. Meanwhile, press the Power button on the iPhone and launch the Camera app. Ensure to keep both the devices nearby.

4. Now, focus the camera on your iPhone in a way that you want to capture a photo. And you can see your Apple Watch also will show the same content as the iPhone shows.

using viewfinder apple watch will show you what your iPhone is capturing

5. Then, press the Capture icon on Apple Watch, select the timer icon next to it, and set it between 3s or 10s, or 30s.

6. Now, you have turned your WatchOS into a Viewfinder.

Final Thoughts

The Viewfinder will act as a camera app on your Apple Watch. It lets you find what your iPhone is capturing. Make use of this article to use Viewfinder on your WatchOS effortlessly. Hope this section was helpful to you. Are you facing issues? Please drop us your questions in the comments section.