How to Unsend/Recall an Email in Outlook

When you have sent an email and regret sending it, then Outlook lets you reverse the process. Whether you have missed attaching the documents or files or want to take back the email, Outlook users are in luck. You can unsend or recall the incorrect mails or those you don’t want to send and thereby stop counterproductive actions. However, this works only if you and the recipient are using Microsoft Exchange Server email account. If you don’t want your recipients to work on unproductive tasks with a wrong email, get to know how to unsend or recall an email in Outlook.

Tip! The recall feature doesn’t work on the web version or web app. You have to use the native Outlook program to recall an email that you sent. At the same time, the Outlook Recall feature is also not available for Mac versions.

Requirements to Recall an Email in Outlook

There are lots of factors to consider before proceeding with unsending an Outlook email.

  • Unsend fails when the recipient already opens the message you wanted to delete.
  • You can recall only the available messages on the inbox and not apply if the message has set a filter and moved to any other folder.
  • The recall will fail if someone reads the first email in a public folder.
  • You cannot unsend the message if your recipient has another email. i.e., Outlook’s recall mail option works only if your recipient also uses Outlook.

How to Unsend/Recall an Email in Outlook

The following steps are applicable to all Outlook versions, including the ones released in 2010, 2013, 2018, 2019. & 2020.

Note: This method works Microsoft Exchange Server on corporate as well as educational network.

1. Launch the Outlook app on the device that you have installed it.

2. Go to the Navigation Panel to select the Sent Items folder.

3. Now, double-click the message that you want to unsend.

4. When the mail window opens up, select the Actions drop-down on the Message tab.

Select Actions Drop down - Unsend an Email in Outlook

5. Further, choose Recall This Message option.

Select Recall This Message - Unsend an Email in Outlook

7. On the pop-up, click on Delete Unread Copies of This Message.

  • Optionally, you can choose Delete Unread Copies and Replace with a New Message. Skip to Note section.
Select Delete Unread Copies or replace

8. You can also Check-in Tell me if recall succeeds or fails for each recipient.

9. Press the OK button and press the Send button.

10. Outlook will notify you regarding the message success or failure of the unsending email.

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Note: If you have chosen to replace it with a new message, then Outlook will open a new window to recall the message. When you start composing a new email, Outlook will recall the old message and shows a notification when you opted.

If you were unable to unsend an email on Outlook, then it is better to acknowledge and apologize for the email by sending them a new one. Hope, you have got a clear idea of unsending/recalling an email in Outlook. Leave a comment below for any questions or suggestions.