How to Turn on your Fitbit Device [All Models]

Fitbit is one of the largest wearables and has a line of devices. It includes activity trackers, smartwatches, and wireless wearables. Users can track exercise, steps, calories burnt, and lots more. No matter what device you own, the primary thing you need to perform is to turn it on. However, the steps to turn on Fitbit will vary from one model to another model. Since there are fitness trackers in different models as well as smartwatches, we thought to guide you with the steps to turn it on for each of them.

How to Turn on Fitbit

You can proceed with the steps to turn on your Fitbit devices based on what you own.

Important Note: You need to ensure that the device has at least one point of charge to turn it on. Otherwise, plug it into the power source to turn it on.

Fitbit Blaze

Here is the one-step process to turn on the Fitbit Blaze model tracker.

(1) Turning on the Blaze model requires pressing any button.


Ionic & Versa

The step to turn on Fitbit’s Ionic and Versa models trackers, including Versa Lite Edition and Versa 2, are the same.

(1) Locate the back button on any of the trackers and press it to let it turn on.

Fitbit One

With Fitbit One on your wrist, turning it on requires only a few seconds.

(1) You shall press and hold any its button for two to three seconds. This will turn on your One.

Fitbit One

Sense & Versa 3

If you have got Sense or Versa 3 model trackers, then here are the steps to turn on.

(1) Just press and hold the button to turn it on until the device vibrates.

Fitbit Surge

Those using the Surge model watch can follow the step given below to turn it on.

(1) Press any button on the Surge tracker, and the device will turn on automatically.

Fitbit Surge


If you are using Fitbit’s wireless headphone called Flyer, here are the steps to turn it on.

(1) On the right earbud, look for the power button.

(2) Press and hold it for a second or until the LED changes color.

(3) Flyer will notify you about the current battery level and the number of devices connected.

Note: You may need to charge your headphones if it hasn’t turned on.

Charge 3

If you own the Charge 3 model of fitness tracker from Fitbit, then turning on involves the steps given below.

(1) Look for the button on the left side of the tracker and press it gently.

Fitbit Charge 3

Note: The same step applies to Charge 2 trackers as well.

Fitbit Won’t Turn On – Simple Fixes

If you had issues while turning on the smart device, try out the following solutions.

  1. Plug the device on to the charger.
  2. Clean your device if it is subjected to a lot of dust.
  3. Restart your Fitbit device.
  4. Factory reset your Fitbit device.
  5. Contact customer support.

That was all about turning on the Fitbit trackers and other devices. For any more clarifications, you can leave a comment below.