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How to Show Offline on WhatsApp (Hide Your Online Status)

WhatsApp messenger as we all know it is a widely used application to chat and make calls with others. But if you wish to hide your identities from others, you can do it well in WhatsApp. You can show offline on WhatsApp (Hide your online status) while you are still active. It is a matter of hiding your profile photo, last seen, status, and about from others.

How to Show Offline on WhatsApp (Hide Your Online Status)?

It is very simple and doesn’t take more than 2-3 minutes (Maximum) to complete this.

1. Open Whatsapp on your Smartphone, or you can also use WhatsApp Web to complete this process.


2. Navigate to Settings which will be available on the menu (3 vertical dots) on the top right corner of your screen.

3. Go to Accounts and then to Privacy.

Account Privacy - Show Offline on Whats app (Hide Your Online Status)

4. Tap the Last Seen, and you will get three options.

Privacy Options

Everyone – It allows everyone who has your number to see your “Last Seen” status.

My contacts – It allows your contacts to see your active status.

Nobody – No one can see your online status. If you are looking to hide your online identity, then this will best suit you.

Select Nobody - Show Offline on Whats app (Hide Your Online Status)

5. Select Nobody to hide your Last seen.

Likewise, do the same for Profile Picture, Status, and About. Choose the “Nobody” to hide the Last seen, Profile Picture, Status, and About to everyone even if you have saved their number.

Hide all - Show Offline on Whats app (Hide Your Online Status)

6. Read Receipts: Turn it off by using the slider on the left of the Read Receipts tab. This is usually used in Group (Your text goes along with your name in groups that will be hidden)

Remember: If you choose no one, you cannot see other’s online status as well.

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1. You can also Switch on Airplane mode to hide your online status temporarily. But going offline will show Last seen to your friends.

2. Force stop WhatsApp from your android mobile to hide your online status. But this may lead to data loss. You can Force stop by Settings >> Applications >> WhatsApp >> Force stop.

With the above methods, you can easily hide your online status and show it offline to others on Whatsapp. If you have any comments or queries, ask us in the comments section.