Do you want to know how you can safely use your Paypal without any issue? If so, then I’m about to share with you how to do it in straightforward steps.

If you haven’t watched my video on youtube about how to create a Paypal business account in Pakistan without any limit issues, check it out now and then read some of the tips below.

How to Safe Use Your PayPal in 2020

Now, come to the point. Here are some quick tips for how to use Paypal effectively (safely):

  1. Don’t login Paypal without any purpose
  2. Don’t send payment immediately after receiving from someone (wait for at least 2 hours)
  3. On the new account, only receive $20 first payment, then $30, then $40, and so on…
  4. Don’t change the password every time or without any purpose
  5. Use only your local Pakistani IP, don’t log in on to any other proxies
  6. After sending one payment wait for 2 hours to send the next pay
  7. Use your account only in one browser and one device
  8. Don’t clear browser history or cookies where you’re logging your account
  9. Don’t receive payment from any untrusted sources, that results in disputing and more issues
  10. Your account is now safe and secure!