How to Reuse Your Shower Curtain Liner

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Shower curtain liners are just one of all those items that may surface to be pointless, but basically provide an essential purpose: In this situation, it is the interior piece of materials that stays in the tub even though you shower and can help stop drinking water from escaping and turning your toilet into a soggy mess. If your bathroom is not appropriately ventilated, there’s a chance that your shower curtain liner can finally get moldy. In that scenario, it’s very best to get rid of it.

But in scenarios the place you’ve resolved to improve the shower curtain liner and it is even now fairly clean (or will be once you clean it), there are a great deal of strategies to reuse it all-around the household, as a substitute of throwing it out (ideal absent, at least). Evelyn (no past title offered) at The Krazy Coupon Girl provides some strategies for means to give your outdated shower curtain a next lifetime. Here’s what to know.

Means to reuse a shower curtain liner

And now, with no further ado: Choices for reusing a shower curtain liner, courtesy of Evelyn:

  1. Use it as a fall fabric on the driveway or in the garage when building car repairs.
  2. Place it below a child’s substantial chair (or any messy eater’s chair, seriously) to simply catch the slipping foodstuff.
  3. Give it to your young ones to use as a perform mat (which includes permitting them to shade on it).
  4. Area it less than a picnic blanket if the ground is a minor moist to preserve you (and your food stuff) pleasant and dry.
  5. Convert it into an artwork smock for folks of any age creating art.
  6. Area it beneath your air mattress when tenting to enable hold it from obtaining wet.
  7. Use it as a makeshift (indoor) mattress protector.
  8. Make a substantial tic-tac-toe board for your backyard, employing duct tape to produce the lines, and frisbees (or one more flat item) in diverse colours as the markers.