Are you worried too about chasing dreams? In this era of pandemic and after the pandemic, offline businesses are completely shut down to the end. Jobs are nowhere; neither are businesses. So, At this moment, I have good news for you. I'm about to tell precisely how to make money online for beginners in Pakistan.

The most powerful way of earning money online is by doing Youtubing. People from all over the world, creating content and entertaining their audiences. You can do the same with your creativity and capture the billion dollars market. Youtubing is art for doing something unique, which gives you fame, joy, and also $$.

On the other hand, if I tell you how to make money online for beginners in Pakistan and if you do not have creativity or skill, then what?

Then it would help if you focused on building some solid skills or creativity, which will lead you to the next step. Please read my article completely before choosing or finalizing anything!

How to Make Money Online Guide for Beginners in Pakistan

How to Make Money Online in Pakistan for BeginnersThere are many ways people telling about how to make money online over the internet. But today I'll let you know some great ways of earning by following these; you can surely make some money. Let's see some solutions to your problems now:


Method 1: Blog Content Creator

Blogging is far better than vlogging, and it can give you more dollars in comparison with YouTubing. You may be seen somewhere or read in any workshops “Content is King,” but have you ever researched for it? Why King niche is Content Writing? And no doubt, Content is king in writing and in video content too, but in writing, it has more powers 🙂

Let's come to the point, If you know how to write then you can have a blog, and you can write for yourself for earning purposes. You can get unlimited earning from any Ad Networks or Affiliates like Adsense or Amazon. You can also join a firm on share or an agency if you got good writing skills, they will hire you for sure at a good salary!

Moreover, you can give content writing services on the local market (Facebook, Linkedin, etc.), Fiverr, Upwork, and other platforms.

If you don't know how to write effectively and well, you should join Sir Muhammad Faisal Kiani Training. Check here how to join Content Writers World Batch to learn unique king skill (of Article Writing).

Method 2: Freelancing!

Freelancing is very common nowadays. But what is it? Let me explain to you: “Freelancing is called working freely at any time and at any place.”

Freelancing is easy if you know how to communicate with clients, how to manage your work, how to deliver in perfect manners, and how to sell your skill. But as you don't know these, so you need to watch some tutorials on Freelancing.

Here are some recommended best tutorials and free training on Freelancing by my Teachers who trained me;

Top Skills in Freelancing:

Now let's talk about which skill you should learn before starting freelancing? So, My answer is you must learn SEO and Content Writing if you want to be successful in less time. I already shared about Content Writing in detail above so you can read again there.

Where to learn SEO? Yes, this is the question that was on my head, too, when I was a newbie. You can learn SEO (Search Engine Optimization) from Qazi Anas. (Not free because no one is about to share SEO techniques for free due to day-night struggles)

In SEO, there is a further classification of skills that you can learn from and earn today. SEO Audit is a very interesting skill and you can also use this for your websites too. Where to learn it? Click here to watch the powerful tutorial of SEO Audit by Qazi Anas.

I will update my article to add more skills here! You can also subscribe to my youtube channel for the latest updates here.

Method 3: Video Content Creator

If you know your creative skill, then it is easy for you to get benefit from that skill. You can be a content creator on Facebook, Youtube, Dailymotion, etc. You need to make some good videos and start sharing on social platforms, with your relatives, friends, chat groups, etc.

You also need to understand how things are working. If you are going to youtube for making videos, then first you have to know how to rank your video. For this, check out my video here. I've told you exactly how you can rank your youtube video across the youtube search engine and suggested videos.

Moreover, For monetizing your videos, you will require 1000 Subscribers and 4,000 Watchtime Hours (4000 hours watching) on your entire channel. And how to achieve this in a short time? Comment below I'll tell how you how 🙂

Method 4: Reselling

Reselling is an easy task for beginners like you. If you don't know anything, if you have not any skills, then reselling something is a good way to earn money online.

You can resell services like Facebook page likes, followers, youtube views and subscribers and youtube watch time, etc. You can get all these services from a website name SMMPak.Services. You need to put a balance with a minimum of $5 for starting. (Remember: Without any investment, business is undoubtedly not going to succeed!)

Moreover, where to resell it? Yes, this is an important question. You need some trusted communities for reselling anything. So for this, I'm recommending these Facebook groups where you can resell it. But before any deal, you must get reviews of the buyer if he/she isn't paying first!

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