How to Learn to Skateboard In 30 Days Even If You’re Old and Broken

I wish my skateboarding journey experienced begun like the opening lyrics to Lupe Fiasco’s “Kick, Drive, but I was not 6 a long time aged when I acquired my initially skateboard. Hell, I wasn’t 16 or 26 possibly. I was, in simple fact, properly into my thirties when I commenced skateboarding… about a thirty day period back. So, how’d it go?

I recounted my adventure for Lifehacker’s Physical fitness Challenge, setting up with how I felt about getting on the board at my age and ending with how I had progressed just after 30 times. But it can be challenging to visualize someone’s development via textual content, specifically when you are working with abstractions like “comfort on the board,” so we designed a online video to assistance. Now you can see me busting my ass… but probably also sense inspired that I managed to find out to cruise, ollie, and shuv-it in the span of a thirty day period.

Did I tumble? Yep, a ton. Did it hurt? Absolutely. But—and I know how not likely this sounds—after slipping a number of instances, I got used to it. It discovered how to drop a small “better” so that it hurt less, and even on the gnarlier falls, it was above just before I knew it. The moment I fell a few occasions, the anticipation of slipping wore off, and I could target additional on seeking to do very simple problems like the a single I preferred to accomplish in the video clip previously mentioned: only going on a ramp and turning around.

Verify out the video to hear me discuss about my plans and the classes I realized, and to see how “good” I got in a thirty day period (or to see me slipping on my hip a handful of situations). Want to see me discover a one trick? Here’s a quick montage on Twitter of my attempts to determine out how to shuv-it. And if you are hunting to start out skateboarding oneself, do what I did: Buy a board, make a few skate friends, and get to it. You’re never heading to really feel “ready,” but that doesn’t have to end you from obtaining started out.