How to Install and Watch Kodi on Roku [4 Methods]

Kodi is a popular media streaming application that you can use to watch plenty of media content by simply adding add-ons. As a popular media player, it is accessible on a wide range of devices except for Roku streaming devices. By default, Roku devices don’t support C/C++ apps. Since Kodi is made with that language, you can’t find ways to install Kodi on Roku. But, you play Kodi contents on Roku by simply screen mirroring your Kodi supported smartphones or computers.


First of all, you need to enable the screen mirroring feature on your Roku device to accept media contents from another device.

  • Streaming Stick, Ultra Premiere, and Express – Settings >> System >> Enable Screen mirroring >> OK.
  • Roku 2, Roku 3, and Roku 4 – Settings >> System >> Screen mirroring tab >> Prompt/Always allow
Kodi on Roku

Note – In order to cast contents on Roku, your streaming device (Roku) and casting device (Smartphone or computer) must be connected to the same WiFi network.

Watch Kodi on Roku Using Android

[1] Download and install Kodi from the play store.
Kodi on Roku
[2] Before launching Kodi, open Settings on your device. [3] Choose the Device/connection settings.
Kodi on Roku
[4] Select the Cast/Multi-screen/SmartView/Mirror option.
[5] Turn on the feature to view nearby devices.
Kodi on Roku
[6] Select your Roku device from the list of available devices.
Kodi on Roku
[7] Allow the necessary permissions to mirror the device screen. [8] Once mirrored, launch the Kodi and stream any video in it.

Tips! Reset your Roku and fix the errors that you encountered while streaming media content.

Watch Kodi on Roku Using Windows

[1] Download and install Kodi using a web browser on the Windows computer. You can download the app from the Microsoft Store.
Kodi on Roku
Visit Website
[2] Choose the Settings (gear) icon from the Start menu.
[3] Select the System tab.
[4] On the left pane, choose Display. [5] Scroll down till you find the Connect to a wireless display option.
connect to a wireless display
[6] Select your Roku device from the connect panel.
Kodi on Roku
[7] Launch the Kodi app and enjoy casting its contents on your Roku device.

Stream Kodi Contents on Roku Using iPhone

[1] Download and install Kodi from the official site by following the steps provided.

DISCLAIMER – To install Kodi on iOS devices, you need to jailbreak the device. We don’t recommend users to jailbreak their devices. Because jailbreaking the device will remove all the security features associated with it.

Kodi on Roku
Visit Website
[2] Also, install Mirror for Roku by AirbeamTV from the store.
Kodi on Roku
[3] From Mirror for Roku app, select your Roku device from the list of available devices.
Kodi on Roku
[4] You will be asked to launch Mirror for Roku channel on your Roku device. [5] If the channel is not added, then you will prompt to add the channel from the Roku channel store. [6] Click on Add channel to add Mirror to Roku.
Mirror for roku

7] Once added, click on Go to the channel to launch.

[8] Again, select your Roku device from the Mirror for Roku app. [9] Tap on Allow Notifications.

Note: If you didn’t allow notification, then you can’t be able to Mirror from your iOS device.

[10] Tap on Start Mirroring.
start mirroring
[11] Also, click on Start Broadcast.
start broadcast
[12] Now, launch Kodi and watch it on your Roku device.

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Stream Kodi on Roku using Mac

[1] Download and install Kodi for Mac OS.
Kodi on Roku
Visit Website
[2] Also, download Mirror for Roku on your Mac device.
mirror for roku
Visit Website
[3] After installation, launch Mirror for Roku. [4] From the drop menu, pick your Roku as a target device.
Kodi on Roku
[5] To hear the audio while mirroring, check the Enable Sound on TV box.
Kodi on Roku
[6] You will be asked to install an Audio driver. Click on Open website from the pop-up.
Kodi on Roku
[7] From the website, click on the Download Audio driver to start downloading.
Kodi on Roku
[8] Install the Audio driver package file (.pkg) once the downloading was completed. [9] After installation, you will be asked to restart all the media player app like VLC, Chrome, Quicktime player, Safari, etc. [10] Now, check the Enable Sound on the TV box and provide access to the microphone to transfer audio.
Kodi on Roku
[11] Click on Authorize and confirm via the pop-up.
[12] Now, check the Enable sound on the TV box. [13] Click on Start mirroring and you will be asked to add Mirror for the Roku channel on your Roku device.
[14] Click on Add channel and launch it.
Kodi for Roku
[15] Once again, click on Start mirroring and launch Kodi on Mac.
Kodi on Roku
[16] Now, you can watch all streaming content from Kodi on your Roku.

As of now, Kodi is officially not available on the Roku channel store, so you need to mirror the contents from the available device. If you have any doubts about mirroring Kodi on Roku, make use of the comments section below.