How to Grow a Blueberry Bush in Your Home

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Alongside with strawberries, watermelon, and peaches, blueberries are one particular of the signature fruit flavors of the summer months. And if you come across your self going by container right after container of them every calendar year, you could have wondered about the probability of expanding your own. (That is, if you really do not at the moment live on a farm or somewhere with a lot of arable land).

As it turns out, not only is developing your possess blueberry bush attainable, but you can do it from your kitchen area. Here’s what to know.

How to expand a blueberry bush

Technically, developing your possess blueberry bush inside of your dwelling has often been an possibility, but many thanks to a viral TikTok, now much more people know about it. The video, posted by Armen Adamjan (aka @imaginative_spelled out), walks the viewer through the planting process—beginning with a single blueberry.

To get begun, fill a little pot (the kind with drainage holes on the base) with soil. Then, just take the blueberry and squeeze it, releasing its seeds. From there, stick it in the pot, and cover it with a light layer of soil, and then h2o. Upcoming, put some kind of cup, glass, or bottle over it to create a mini-greenhouse and entice humidity. (In the video clip, he cuts the bottom off of a plastic bottle and makes use of that.)

As soon as a seedling pushes its way out of the soil, you can uncover it and increase it like other indoor plants—making certain it receives ample sunlight and h2o. How a lot drinking water, just? In accordance to an short article on MindBodyGreen, you are going to want to water the plant each individual 7 days and maintain it at the level where the soil is moist, but not soggy.

When to transfer the blueberry plant outdoors

In accordance to the TikTok, when the seedling will get to be 6 inches tall (and the outdoor situations are suitable for developing crops), transfer the baby bush outdoors and continue to care for it there. Nevertheless, the posting on MindBodyGreen suggests that it’s doable to continue to keep the blueberry plant indoors for a few years—or till it commences manufacturing fruit—before acquiring to replant it exterior.

And certainly, it’ll possibly get a couple a long time for the blueberry plant to generate genuine blueberries, so tolerance is crucial.