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How To Get Netflix Account For Free Forever [5 Unique Ways] | 2021

If you’re looking for a way to save some money on your monthly Netflix account subscription, then this post is perfect for you! I’ll show you how to get Netflix for free forever with no hassle and in 5 easy secret methods.

Netflix has become famous among all ages today. So there’s plenty that everyone will enjoy watching here, such as many amazing TV shows and Netflix originals with Hollywood blockbusters thrown into the mix for good measure. So paying isn’t necessarily bad when life can really stress us out these days – but maybe we’re asking ourselves: “How do I get a free Netflix account?” Well, thankfully, that answer lies within our Ultimate Guide coming up next

Watching Netflix for free is a thing of the past. This article will show you how to watch unlimited movies and TV shows without a credit card and paying, in just minutes! It’s easy, too, so don’t worry about feeling intimidated or not knowing what they’re talking about. The best part? You can do it all from your phone, tablet, computer–even on an old-fashioned desktop.

What is Netflix

Netflix has changed the way we watch TV, providing us with a new medium to enjoy our favorite shows on-demand and anywhere. It is one of the world’s most popular platforms for television programming, with locations in virtually every nation. Netflix was at the forefront when it came to this type of service as they were among the first companies to provide such services back in 2007; today, hundreds of millions are subscribed from all over the globe.

In 2013, after relying on licensed material from other distributors for a while now, Netflix began their own original content by releasing House Of Cards – arguably its most famous series ever since then- creating breakneck changes within industry standards like never before; seen!

Netflix’s growth from a DVD-by-mail provider to the world’s leading streaming service has come at some cost. Netflix now faces many competitors and is under pressure by these rivals, but remains dominant in the space with over 130 million subscribers worldwide.

The premise of “Netflix and relax” – turning on your TV or computer while sitting back – became commonplace as other companies have tried unsuccessfully to create anything that would topple Netflix out of its seat atop this industry.

How to Get Netflix for Free Forever in 2021

Method 1: Netflix Free Account Pro App

As you know, Netflix provides a free trial of 30 days, but you need to add a credit card for a free trial. So in this method, you need not worry about the trial(s). Within a minute, You will know how to get Netflix for free forever in 2021. You don’t further have to log in, and you can watch the latest series and movies after downloading the pro-Netflix app!

Step 1: Download Netflix Pro App

Download the Netflix Pro App. Download [Updated] app, and don’t forget to delete the previous app.

Instant Download Mirror 1

Step 2: Install Premium Free Netflix Alternative App

Install the downloaded free Netflix premium app on your android and open it. But before that, Your phone will ask you to enable “Install from unknown source” then enable it.

Step 3: Get Your Free Netflix Account

Now, open the app you installed, and boom! You got a free solo Netflix account, and there is no need for Netflix free trial without a credit card.

Update Must!! Update also to the latest version inside the app so you will not get any bugs.

Instant Download Mirror 2

Step 4: Enjoy Your Free Netflix Account

Now, Enjoy what you ask about how to get a free Netflix account for free forever in 2021. So, here is an amazing 1st way to watch Netflix-free movies and series free of cost!!

Method 2: Netflix Free Trials 3 Months or More

Netflix has been around long enough that there’s no wonder many people use their services regularly- who doesn’t want access to thousands of hours’ worth of entertainment? But Netflix also understands our need for instant gratification. Hence, they offer one month or three-month intervals to try out all the awesome content without paying any money upfront. Be sure not to miss this opportunity because anyone interested in subscribing will have already done so by default once those trial periods end!

Netflix offers a 30-day free trial for new members, and all you need to do is sign up on their website. Once signed in to your account, enter the link from Netflix’s email into any web browser, and it will take you directly there. Some criteria must be met before getting this offer, though: You cannot have had an existing membership with them at any time within the past month or been living outside of Canada during one of these months; additionally, they require payment information, so make sure not many digits were leaked when signing up.

Read Also: Netflix Canada Payment Methods

On the other hand, The downside about this program is that if after 30 days you don’t cancel service, then automatically recurring payments start coming out each month until someone does something about it–either canceling through customer support.

With just a few steps, you can get your very own Netflix free trial account. You sign up for the monthly membership over and over again-no credit card needed. This is perfect for those who like to take advantage of our favorite shows without paying anything at all. There are also different options for getting a free trial with or without your credit cards; in alternative cases, you can also use PayPal.

Moreover, if you want to take advantage of this, they offer an option to redeem Netflix gift cards from credit card companies such as Visa or MasterCard.

To sign up for a free Netflix subscription, follow these steps:

Step 1: Navigate to

Open the Netflix website on your computer/laptop.

Step 2: Getting Started

What are you waiting for? Get started! To get the most out of Netflix, there is a lot to do. You need your valid email and click on that red button with the big words ‘Get Started,’ but if you’re already logged in, use private tabs or another browser like chromium. If you want more privacy, clear the website cache using cookies editor extensions or sign-out before browsing again, so no one knows what kind of movies they’ll be watching tonight by accidentally clicking through some stranger’s recommended list online.”

Step 3: Creating the account

After getting started, the next step is creating your account. You will be asked to enter an email and password again on a page you can save anywhere in any file format. Please create a username that’s easy for others to remember while being creative enough with it, so no one else has already taken it!

Step 4: Selecting the package

After creating an account, click on the continue button. Here you’ll see the button to see the plans. Click on it to move next.

how can i get a free netflix account

Step 5: Continue with the plan.

You might not have to spend a penny on your Netflix account, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put some thought into what kind of plan works best for you and how much data usage per month is right. The Ultra HD option will give you the most bang for your buck if streaming quality matters more than the variety or quantity of content.

free netflix account without credit card

Step 6: Choose a payment method.

This is the most important step for the majority. Most people don’t feel comfortable using their credit cards, and some don’t have money, even $1, to start for free trials. So, here you need to select the best payment method that suits you. You can use your credit card or debit card, PayPal account, and in most cases, you will see the gift card option.

free unlimited netflix account

Step 7: Enter your payment information

Even if you do not pay in the first month, you will need to bring your payment information to make Netflix available in the coming months. This usually includes the cardholder’s name, social security number, number, and security pin.

If you sign up for PayPal, you must sign up for PayPal here and follow the instructions page to confirm your “purchase” with PayPal.

Step 8: Enjoy Free Netflix Trial Free!

There you go! Now you’ve got your Netflix for a month without spending a penny 🙂 and save your money.

You must repeat this process using another email and billing method whenever you sign up for a new trial version. If you have access to more than one credit card, you can also use the card. Otherwise, you can buy a Visa gift card, send money, and use it.

You can make a PayPal payment to reduce the number of signed registration cards for a free sample. You can also link it to your credit or debit card and use it as a payment method. Since Netflix does not show your credit card number, you can use the same card more than once.

If you want to utilize it from a free trial, decide to create a Netflix free trial accounts each time. If you do not cancel as mentioned renewal date, billing methods will be filled.

It would help if you had a computer or computer to cancel the subscription:

  • Go to and enter.
  • If necessary, choose your account.
  • Scroll to the icon for the image in the top left, then click Save with Font.
  • Click Login. Go to the top left of the page.
  • Click the “Release” button in the top left.

Get Free Netflix Trials On Mobile:

Step 1: Open Netflix

Open the Netflix app by taping the stylish N symbol icon.

Step 2: Register for a free month

If Netflix is connected to another account, delete the data from your Android app. In iOS, to log out of your account, press the to key, click Sign Out, and then click “Sign In.”

Step 3: Describe the plan.

Since you don’t pay for the first month, it’s best to select a plan that allows a UHD plan.

If you are planning a paid subscription next month, you may want to choose a cheaper plan.

how to get free netflix for a year

Step 4: Create an Account

Continue with the steps you took, and then go to the Create Account page. Enter an email address at the top of the inbox, then enter the password you want to use for your Netflix account in the box below.

free netflix for life

Step 5: Choose a payment method.

Click on one of the commonly available payment methods, including credit or debit cards and PayPal.

Click here to sign up for the iPhone using iTunes.

While using the card, write the serial number, name, date of use, and security number. PayPal uses PayPal customers and follows on-screen instructions to confirm payment.

Enter your Apple ID or Touch ID on your iPhone to verify your iTunes registration. Be active after that.
Even if you do not pay in the first month, Netflix requires a payment method to create your account.

how to get netflix without paying

Step 6: Start your free subscription.

Start your Netflix subscription now. Netflix is now free to watch for a month.

Don’t forget to cancel your subscription before the billed date! Above I explained how to do it.

Method 3: Mobile or Cable Company Free Netflix Offers

Want to know how to watch Netflix for free for 1 year in another genuine way? If so, then In method #2, I’m about to give you some secrets to open free Netflix. Many companies like smartphones, companies, or internet providers provide offers, including free Netflix subscriptions. On the other hand, you need to buy some services or products to enjoy Netflix for free.

If your smartphone is getting old, consider checking free Netflix offers next time you go to the market to buy a new one. Moreover, if you’ve purchased a mobile already from a company that provides a free Netflix subscription to its customers, it’d be amazing to get their deals.

You need to contact your service provider through their customer support services. Ask your service provider manager for free subscription offers. You’ll love it after getting Netflix or HBO free of cost.

Get Free Netflix From T-Mobile

T-Mobile will give free Netflix subscription, but it is not open to everyone. If you choose a package that does not require a check or prepayment, Netflix Free Tier is unavailable.

You’ll get Netflix free subscription if you’ve two or more lines from T-Mobile. Here’s how to get free Netflix from T-Mobile:

Step 1:

You need to purchase any plan of T-Mobile like Magenta plans, Magenta Plus, or ONE plan. You need to make sure you have not signed up with a prepaid plan or no credit check plan.

Step 2:

Make sure you’ve added a minimum of one line additionally with your plan because you’ll get Netflix free subscription if you’ve got a minimum of two lines.

Step 3:

After signing up with their feature ‘Netflix On Us,’ you have to wait a bit for a confirmation text message from T-Mobile. And, now follow the instructions to use NetFlix for free!

Method 4: Coupons Discounts for Students

By reading the above legit ways, you can trust me for this method—some non-profit or profit-based organizations providing coupon codes for students or deserved ones. Coupons will work at any time for getting free or the best discounts for Netflix subscriptions.

Here are some of the best websites where you’ll get coupons for free Netflix:

  • Giving

Method 5: Happy to Share

Sharing is caring is the quote you see from your childhood. So why not apply the rule with your friends or family?

Make a WhatsApp group of 4-5 people, distribute the amount to a maximum of 3 bucks per person. Open a Netflix free trial for a month, then starting paying them!

Q. What is a Free Netflix Account?

A Free Netflix account means you will not need to sign in or sign up for any penny! Here on our website. So enjoy this and get Netflix free forever.