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How to find Spotify playlists made by other people

Spotify on a phone next to a guitar

Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

It doesn’t matter what you’re into musically — whether it’s the Rolling Stones or the Cookie Monster’s greatest hits — you’re guaranteed to find an already existing playlist on Spotify. But where do you find these mythical playlists? What sorcery and magic do you need to employ to find Spotify playlists? Don’t worry, no special spells are needed. Just a few taps or clicks will help you uncover what you’re looking for.

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To find Spotify playlists in the mobile app, type in what you’re looking for, and use the Playlists filter to take out all irrelevant results. On the software app and web player, type in what you’re looking for, and scroll down to the Playlists section.


How to find Spotify playlists (Android and iOS)

To search for a Spotify playlist on the Android and iOS app, type in what you’re looking for. When the results appear, you’ll see some already tagged Playlist. You can also tap Playlists at the top — this will filter out everything else and leave you solely with the playlists.

spotify mobile playlist search

How to find Spotify playlists (desktop and web player)

It’s slightly different on the desktop app and web player — but no more difficult. Search what you’re looking for and scroll down till you find the Playlists section.

spotify desktop playlist search

On the far-right, you’ll see a See all link. This will take you to all of the playlist search results.

spotify desktop playlist search all