How to Delete All Tweets on Twitter [4 Different Ways]

Twitter is a microblogging social media platform. In Twitter, you can express your opinion in the name of Tweets. The maximum text limit is 140 characters. You can include images, videos, links, or websites in a Tweet. You can share tweets posted by others by retweeting it. Twitter allows you to follow others and their tweets will appear on your home screen. If you are a regular tweeter and wish to delete your old tweets, you can delete it one by one. There is no official way to delete multiple tweets on Twitter. But you can use external sources to delete all tweets on your Twitter account.

How to Delete All Tweets on Twitter?

As said earlier, you cannot delete multiple tweets at once. But still, you have got a few third-party support. For those who have tweeted less than 20 tweets, you can use the Twitter app or website to delete the tweets one by one. For those who have plenty of tweets, you have to use any of the below third-party apps to delete multiple tweets on your Twitter account.

Use either one of the following ways.

  • TwitWipe
  • TweetDelete
  • Delete All tweets
  • TweetEraser (More than 3200 costs $7)

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1. Using TwitWipe to Delete Multiple Tweets on Twitter

You can delete 3200 latest tweets using this website. If you have more than 3200, you can’t delete the remaining tweets.


1. Go to the TwitWipe website on any web browser.

2. Click on Get Started button.

Get Started

3. Scroll down and choose Sign in using Twitter. If prompted for login, enter your username and password to login to your account.

Sign In

4. The authorization page will appear. Click on Authorize app to proceed further.

How to Delete All Tweets on Twitter

5. On the confirmation screen, click Yes.

This process might take some time to complete depending on the number of tweets. The time taken is directly proportional to the number of tweets you want to delete. In the end, you will receive a notification stating “Looks like, you are all done”.

2. TweetDelete

It is another free service that allows you to delete 3200 tweets.


1. Go to the TweetDelete website.

2. Click on Sign in with Twitter and login with your credentials.

Sign in

3. The authorization screen will appear. Click on the Authorize app button.

How to Delete All Tweets on Twitter

4. Now you can choose the time span from the drop-down menu. This will allow TweetDelete to access the tweets for the chosen period. For instance, if you choose one week then the tweets posted in one week will alone be accessed.

5. Check the box “Delete all my existing tweets“. This will delete all existing tweets but limited to the recent 3200.

Remove the check near Post to my feed. If not the TweetDelete will post a tweet on your feed stating that you used the service.

3. Delete All tweets

Another app to delete 3200 latest tweets together.

Delete All tweets
Delete All tweets

1. Go to the Delete All tweets website. It is recently renamed as Twoolsy.

2. Click on Sign in with Twitter and login with your credentials.

3. Now click on the Authorize app in the authorization screen.

4. The tweets will start deleting on your account.

4. TweetEraser

Unlike other websites, here you can delete more than 3200 tweets. But you have to pay $7. With this website, you can delete all tweets on Twitter.


1. Go to the TweetEraser website.

2. You can choose the plan accordingly. For deleting more than 3200 tweets choose and pay. It costs $6.99 and $9.99 with a few added advantages.

How to Delete All Tweets on Twitter

3. Now click on Getting Started.

4. Log in to your Twitter account.

5. Click on the Authorize app button.

6. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the Payment.

7. The tweets will get deleted based on your plan.

Revoke Access

Once done with the deleting it is important to Revoke access for all the applications you have authorized. Or else all the above-mentioned sites can access your Twitter and use it for their own marketing purposes.

  1. Go to Twitter Settings website.
  2. Log in with your account credentials.
  3. From the listed apps, choose the one you wish to revoke.
  4. Then click on the Revoke Access tab.

And that’s it. We have successfully deleted our unwanted tweets. In the case of deleting more than 3200 tweets, subscribe and use TweetEraser. If you have any queries and suggestions use our comment section below to voice it out.