How to Control Apple TV With Android Smartphones [Guide]

Apple TV is one of the popular streaming devices that let us enjoy all our favorite media content on the big screen. The device supports lots of streaming apps. Further, the device comes with the Siri-supported Apple TV remote on Apple TV to navigate. It is the remote that makes us control the device quickly. In case if your Apple TV remote is damaged or not working properly, you need to buy another remote, which costs around $60. If you consider saving some bucks, you can use your Android smartphone to control your Apple TV. You may wonder how to control an Apple TV with Android; you can find the answer to a question by getting into this article.

How to Control Apple TV with Android Smartphones

You will find lots of remote applications on the Google Play Store. Among them, AnyMote Universal remote is one of the best apps that you can use for your Apple TV. The app lets you control your Apple TV through WIFI or an old-school IR blaster. The app comes with a user-friendly interface, which will help you to control your device easily. To use the app to control Apple TV, first, you have to set up the AnyMote app on your Smartphone. Let’s look at the procedure in detail.

Steps to Set Up the AnyMote App on Android

1. On your Android device, install the AnyMote apk from any trusted source.

2. Open the app and tap the Control my WiFi Devices option.

click on control my wifi devices to control apple tv with Android

3. From the list that appears, choose the Apple TV (Beta) option.

Select apple tv to control apple tv with Android

4. Now, the AnyMote app will locate the Apple TV on your WiFi network. When it appears, select your Apple TV from the list.

5. Now, on your Apple TV, go to the Remote sub-menu in the Settings app.

  • Apple TV Generation 1-3 -> Settings >> General >> Remote.
  • Apple TV Generation 4 and 5 -> Settings >> Remotes and Devices >> Remote Apps and Devices.

6. In the sub-menu, select the AnyMote – Smart Remote option and type the pin code which is displayed on your Android device.

7. Now, the connection gets established between AnyMote and Apple TV.

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Control your Apple TV from Android with AnyMote App

1. First, launch the AnyMote app on your Android device.

2. Now, the app will show a virtual remote with buttons as same as the physical Apple TV remote.

3. You can use the directional buttons from the middle for navigation and click the OK button to make a selection.

virtual remote to control apple tv with Android

4. On the bottom of the screen, multimedia buttons like play, rewind, fast-forward will be available. Additionally, it also has buttons like Home, Menu, Play, and Keyboard.

  • Home: Used to return to the Apple TV home screen.
  • Menu: Used to go back to the previous on-screen menu.
  • Play: Used to play or pause the content.
  • Keyboard: Use this button to use your Android device keyboard to type on Apple TV.

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Solutions for AnyMote App Problems

In case if your Apple TV is not ready to connect to Apple TV or if you are not able to control the device after connecting, you should follow the solutions given below.

  • Ensure that you have connected your both Apple TV and Android devices to the same Wifi network.
  • Restart both devices to solve the issues.
  • Try to do the pairing process from the beginning.

Winding Up

AnyMote app is very easy to set up and control. So, when your Apple TV remote is not working, you can immediately use the Anymote app to control your device. You are needless to waste money by buying a new remote. Hope this section has given you clear information to control Apple TV with Android. Still, if you have got any queries, comment below.