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How to Clean Your Discolored Vent Covers With Hydrogen Peroxide

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Image: Nadezhda Mikhalitskaia (Shutterstock)

There’s a distinction concerning a little something being soiled and discolored—and plastic vent addresses can be the two. Although lots of households feature vent addresses made of metallic, plastic is also relatively frequent. And a single of the downsides of white plastic vent covers is that they yellow around time, ending up discolored.

If this happens, no total of elbow grease or cleansing merchandise will immediately get them back to their authentic color—but it seems as while a pleasant soak in some hydrogen peroxide could do the trick. In a online video for United states of america Today’s “Problem Solved” vertical, reporter Kristopher Juniel demonstrates how to do this, and explains why it occurs in the first location. Here’s what to know.

How to use hydrogen peroxide to whiten your discolored plastic vent covers

So why do white plastic vent covers steadily switch different shades of yellow and beige? In accordance to Juniel, it’s the result of extended exposure to daylight. And because air vents are constantly there, out in the open up on your wall, this is a little something that just cannot definitely be averted.

Here’s what to do, courtesy of Juniel in this online video:

  1. Begin by getting rid of the plastic vent handles. In most situations, they are connected to the wall with two screws, so a screwdriver should be all you want to get that aspect of the task finished.
  2. When they’re down, thoroughly clean up the vent covers. This indicates having rid of any filth, dust, or other particles stuck among the grates or along the edges. When you’re done, give it a remaining rinse.
  3. Find containers—ideally with lids—that are major adequate to match the vent covers. Area them in the containers, and pour on hydrogen peroxide until eventually they are wholly submerged.
  4. Pop a deal with on the container, and permit it sit out in the sunshine for a couple of hours. Verify on them periodically to see what variety of progress they’ve created.
  5. When they are white once again (or at the very least are significantly less-yellow than in advance of), carry the vent covers in for a swift rinse, and enable them to dry.
  6. Finally, reattach the vent handles to the wall.

Even if this approach does not get your plastic vent addresses again to their authentic fresh-out-of-the-box shade of white, it is quick and affordable plenty of to be truly worth a shot.