How To check website category in Cisco WSA

In my earlier article, i wrote about How to check web-site category in BlueCoat and now I want to present to How to check out web page category in Cisco WSA.

Presently, I received one phone from my 1 customer about a person web page title is not opening and after examining the all packet seize and Session trace i came on the summary web site is classified underneath “Uncategorized“.

Remember in all Proxy units “unknown category” is by-default deny because you do not know mysterious internet site conduct.

Check internet site group in Cisco WSA

  1. On Device

You examine the internet site classification on the System alone by-speaking the Plan Trace of that internet site.

To do That navigate to System Administration > Coverage Trace > and enter web-site URL alongside with username or IP-deal with if you want.

It will demonstrate you website URL class underneath URL class.


On Cisco Website:-

You can also confirm web-site category from the Cisco Web-site itself, navigate to and log in with your Cisco ID.

Enter your URL and choose WSA or a certain solution that you want’s to take a look at.

How To Check Website Category in Cisco WSA

if your site is classified underneath any classification, it will give you the selection to post your URL for categorization in this article.

Enter your remark about a website and select your category under ‘opt for category” solution.

How To Check Website Category in Cisco WSA


Right after submission, it will present you URL extra successfully information in this article. it will update right after 24 hours to the Cisco databases.

How to check website category in Cisco WSA

Below ‘Position on Submitted URLs” it will clearly show you the status of your URL submission.

How To Check Website Category in Cisco WSA

Hope my post “How to check web site class in Cisco WSA” assists you to examine web-site class in Cisco WSA. If you have any question, truly feel absolutely free to comment.