How To Change Airtel WIFI Password?

How to find Airtel broadband usage?

Another useful feature of the Airtel app is the ability to see how much data is left on their subscription as well as basic information about the data that has been utilized, as well as a timeline of when it was used. Follow the methods outlined below to determine your Airtel broadband usage.

➼Cards that summarise details about your active subscriptions can be found at the top of the app’s homepage.
➼Tap the card that contains your landline/broadband information.
➼On the following page, select Bills & Plans.
➼On the following page, you’ll see your current internet allowance, which includes rolled-over data from the previous month, new data added to your subscription for that month, and any bonus data Airtel may have granted you. (In a few simple steps below, we’ve explained how to get bifurcated information about the data.)
➼Select Usage Analysis from the drop-down menu near the bottom of the screen.
➼On the following page, you’ll get daily statistics for the period you’ve chosen. To examine your Airtel internet data consumption for a specific day, scroll down to the bottom of the screen and look for the ‘previous/next’ navigation keys.