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How To Add Apps to Apple TV in 2 Easy Ways [All Models]

Apple TV is the most popular streaming device to stream videos in 4K and HD quality. There are a lot of apps available for Apple TV from various categories. Like iOS devices, Apple TV also ships with App Store. In addition, you can download and install your favorite apps directly to your Apple TV from the App Store. You can buy the premium or the free apps from the App Store. It is to note that the App Store is available only for Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD. In other words, Apple TV 3rd Gen and lower versions come with pre-installed apps, and you are not allowed to install any third-party apps manually. Now using this article, let’s learn to add apps to Apple TV.

Tip: Apple TV 3rd gen users can update the tvOS software to get the latest apps.

How To Add Apps to Apple TV

1) Turn on and connect your Apple TV to WiFi. Click on the Menu button on Siri remote to go to the home screen

2) Then, open the App Store.

Go to App Store - Add apps in Apple TV

3) Navigate on the App Store interface and select the Search option to type the name of the app you are searching for.

Select the search icon - Add apps on Apple TV

4) When you get the list of apps, select the app that you want to install.

5) Next, you will be directed to the respective app information screen.

6) If it is a free app, click Get. If it is a paid app, click Buy.

Click on Buy or Get

7) To proceed with the installation, you need to enter your Apple ID password.

8) Finally, click on the Open button to launch the app.

9) Now, you have successfully added an app to your Apple TV. You will be able to find the added app under Recent Purchases.

Alternative Way

1) On your Apple TV, go to the App Store and select the Categories tab.

2) It will display all available categories. Select the category of the app you are searching for.

3) Under the selected category, scroll down until you find the app. Select it to install on your Apple TV.

4) You can also select the Featured or Top Charts tab to install apps on tvOS. With this, you will find the most popular and high-rated apps.

Wrapping Up

Like installing apps on tvOS, you can also update and delete any apps. Moreover, you shall jailbreak your Apple TV 3rd Gen and the lowest version to add third-party apps. Using these simple steps given here, you can add your favorite apps from the App Store. And you can share your feedback with us in the comment section.