How to Add Apps on Samsung Smart TV in 2 Ways

Adding apps on Samsung Smart TV simply means Downloading and Installing the applications. Samsung Smart TV has its own App Store where you can install and download apps. With a Smart TV, you can stream your favorite live streams, movies, web series, and much more without a DTH or cable connection. You can use the Smart Hub to add apps on Samsung Smart TV.

How to Add Apps on Samsung Smart TV?

You can find a few apps on the Samsung Store, and a few apps will not be available on the store. For such apps, you will need to sideload it using a third-party app store or website. Here are the two ways to adding apps to your TV

  • Download and Install Apps from the Samsung store.
  • Sideload third-party applications.

Method 1: How to Download and Install Apps from Samsung store?

You can download and install applications that are available on the Samsung Store using this method:

1. Turn on your Samsung TV and connect it to an uninterrupted WiFi network.

2. Press the “Smart Hub” button on your remote.

3. Hover to the Apps section from the menu bar.

4. You can find the magnifying glass on the top-right corner of the screen. (Search Icon)

How to Add Apps on Samsung Smart TV

5. Click and type the app you would like to add on the Search Bar using the on-screen keyboard.

How to Add Apps on Samsung Smart TV

6. From the suggestions, choose the exact one, and you will be taken to the “Install Page“.

7. On the page, click on the Install button option.

How to Add Apps on Samsung Smart TV

In case you just wanted to explore various applications, all you have to do is use Whats’s New? or Featured Tabs.

The app will be downloaded in the background. You can either Open it then and there or you can else find the app in the Apps section.

Click Open

For Example: Check how to install Xfinity Stream on Samsung Smart TV

Method 2: How to Sideload third-party apps on Samsung Smart TV?

Remember: Third-Party application doesn’t mean illegal apps. These apps might not be supported by the TV. So instead of downloading, you can always sideload these apps in different ways after enabling “Apps from Unknown Sources“.

Enable Apps from Unknown Sources

You can enable Apps from Unknown Sources by using the following steps.

1. On your Samsung Smart TV, go to Settings >> Personal Tab >> Security >> Unknown Sources.

2. On the right side of the Unknown sources, there will be a toggle button.

3. Click it to enable the Unknown Sources.

Now you got permission to install the third-party application.

Enabling Developer Mode

Developer mode will give you a number of access to the various functionalities on your Smart TV. One such thing is downloading third-party apps.

1. Press Smart Hub on your remote and hover to the Apps Section.

2. Enter the pin “12345”. A common one for all Samsung Smart TV devices.

3. Now enable the toggle that appears near Developer mode.

Developer mode on

4. Enter the IP address of the computer that you would connect.

5. Restart the device.

Sideload using External Storage Device

1. On your Computer, go to a web browser. Now Search and find the app file and download it on your computer.

2. Using a Pen drive, you can copy the APK.

3. Now plug the drive into your TV.

4. Open the drive the click on the APK, and again choose install.

That’s it. The app is now visible on your App section.

The above are the two different ways to download and add apps on your Samsung Smart TV. Remember, if you are following the second method, always use trusted sources while downloading third-party apps. Do let us know your feedback in the comment section below.