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How Does Desk Booking Software Work? Suppose you want to enjoy a weekend dinner at your favorite Italian restaurant. The hotel now allows you to make reservations in advance.

Your table on the second floor of the restaurant has been successfully reserved according to your requirements and a confirmation will be emailed to you. First-come, first-served applies to tables in the second case, so we have to take whatever seats are available.

How Does Desk Booking Software Work?

Many people think that using an online booking system is just another waste of time. But in reality, they actually provide a lot of benefits for both small and big businesses.

The benefits of using a desk booking system are numerous

Several companies, such as Google, IBM, and Procter & Gamble, use desk booking software for hot desks and hoteling. Below are some examples.

1. Reduction of the footprint of real estate

The office desk booking system can be used to track a facility’s availability. This sort of data insight will help you manage a flexible workforce more effectively, without the need to make guesses.

Growing your employee count does not necessarily mean upgrading your office space. For optimal space utilization, you may instead impose occupancy limits and rotate employees. Your property value will not be affected in this way, but your real estate footprint can be greatly reduced.

A reduction in costs

By implementing desk booking software, you can reduce real estate costs as well as manage a hybrid workforce more effectively. Tracking occupancy rates regularly can help you lower incidental costs, such as stationery and printer paper, and maintenance costs. The lack of employees, coupled with equal access to office resources, will also result in significant reductions in utility bills.

Flexible working environment

If you implement a desk booking system, your employees will have greater flexibility. When they need to work on site, they can book a station and even a cafeteria slot days in advance using the desk booking system. So there will be no unpleasant surprises when the guests arrive. They will know exactly where to sit at the facility.

How can you implement a desk reservation system?

It was undoubtedly confusing for those used to the traditional work model to suddenly switch to remote work after COVID-19. To avoid another similar experience, desk booking software must be carefully implemented when getting started with a hybrid workspace strategy.

By switching from a 9-to-5 model to an asynchronous one, your employees should not feel interrupted. Find out how you can do it.

1. Make sure you have a user policy for the software you intend to use to book desks

Changing your business overnight, let alone making decisions that affect your employees, is not advisable. Developing a policy for the new hybrid model will assist in avoiding bumps along the way.

Employees are required to report to work on what days? Is it possible for them to claim a specific work area? Does the automatic approval of desk reservations apply to them? Should they be monitoring the use of space? When the objectives are clear and the policy is ready, all employees, whether permanent or contract, should be informed. This will establish employee expectations before policy implementation.

The second step should be the development of a code of practices

You can ensure everyone, including employees, contractors, and freelancers, operates on the same page by enforcing good practices and procedures. It will be easier to onboard new employees if there is such a document in place.

Consistently follow through

It should not be uncomfortable or delayed in the office for employees to arrive at work. It should be easy for them to locate a workspace in a particular location, whether they use desktop software or a local kiosk.

To begin with, we need to inquire about the tools and facilities available to facilitate collaborations. Since some members of the team work from home, robust tools and technologies should also be provided to the in-office workers. The team will be able to communicate effectively and accomplish team-specific goals easily as a result.

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