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Here’s how far startup valuations fell in Q1 –

Average starting price has declined, new data indicate.

In March, the Exchange sorted out the data Arta, A unicorn software that helps companies manage the helmet table, which has shown early signs that the startup rating market has changed. See the full Arta data on Q1 compiled by its head of perspectives, Peter Walker, clarifies the situation: Rating has decreased, but not equally.

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Indeed, the latest data shows a significant decline in the average initial rating of Arta has in appearance – thousands of deals from tens of thousands of companies – which corresponds to the current capital discussion that the starting price has changed to a high of 2021.

For founders and investors alike, outsiders will be. Some beginners will be able to move up like 2021, but for most of the first technology concerns, the old rules are out the window.

This morning, let’s explore new signs from Arta, pulling out raw data, and looking to see where prices fall further – and which is slower. Whether you are building or investing, this is a new reality.


We are writing about the next report in Arta, so we do not have any beautiful charts to borrow from the company data team. I will attach the text today. No matter, early on you are late, here is what Arta has to say about the ratings: