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HackerOne buys YC-backed PullRequest to add code review to bug-squashing platform –

Drag the application, The five-year launch of Y Combinator in 2017, assists software developers by providing an external code review team. This not only helps to identify code defects that may have been missed, but also helps to identify security vulnerabilities before the software crashes into production.

Maybe that’s why HackerOneaward company, received PullRequest today.

If you look at what HackerOne has traditionally done, it hires security professionals to detect software flaws that can have a major impact if not detected. PullRequest expands that capability by having a team of code reviewers calling, who can detect bugs even before they enter production.

HackerOne CTO Alex Rice sees a change in developers when it comes to security, and access to PullRequest allows him and his customers to enter the development phase directly.

“The change we have seen in many of our customers is this real change towards development that takes more security responsibility than ever before, which is a change I am very proud of. I believe that producers- security priorities are the future of building reliable technology, ”Rice told me.

He said most of the hackers found in HackerOne came after the software was already developed, and although developers want to create secure software, it is not always easy to keep corpses to do so. . That is where PulRequest can help.

“We have this goal for developers to start taking more responsibility for security, but the difference between what they would like to receive and what they would be able to get, so the role of PullRequests here is to bring the security experience of the developer work where they they are in dire need of it, ”he said.

Rice said he was initially unaware that PullRequest was looking into security breaches as part of the service when he contacted PullRequest founder and manager Lyal Avery about a possible collaboration in September last year before finding out they actually did. competing. But soon the two companies started arguing over the purchase.

Request Request was launched in 2017 and has raised nearly $ 13 million, according to Crunchbase data. The latest boost was $ 8 million for Series A 2018. Avery says it has a network of 10,000 verified reviewers, of which about 1000 are active. All 12 employees moved to HackerOne.

The deal closed last week. Neither company discloses the sale price.