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Greenly helps you measure your carbon emissions from a modern dashboard –

The beginning of France Green collected $ 23 million for Series A. The company has developed a service-based program that allows you to calculate the carbon emissions of your company, store them in one place, extract certified information about your carbon footprint and get insights on how you can reduce it. your smoke.

Energy Impact Partnership (EIP) and XAnge are leading the investment cycle today. Several business angels are also participating in the tour, including Jean-Baptiste Rudelle.

Green is not the beginning of carbon offsets – the competitors are among them clear, Persephone and Drainage. But Greenly specializes in small and medium-sized companies. The market is still largely dominated by consulting firms.

The company is trying to automate as many steps as possible by combining dozens of data sources. After that, Greenly will help you take one step further and follow the instructions to improve your reporting process and get more information. It can then generate a carbon report following the green gas protocol.

Customers who start using Greenly first connect to their account service and financial information. The startup is used Voices uninterrupted integration of different financial services.

For low-priority products, Greenly can automatically calculate the amount of carbon dioxide. For example, some software companies publish a dollar-to-carbon ratio in their carbon footprint. If you spent $ 850 on a Salesforce product, Greenly can assess the carbon effect of that.

With major sources of smoke, the platform can ask you questions to clarify what you have actually purchased. Greenly has collected hundreds of thousands of pieces of data from the public. She tries to learn over time so that you do not answer the same questions many times.

“We started with financial data and accounting, but we are gradually adding more data sources,” founder and manager Alexis Normand told me.

The startup builds integration with power providers, cloud services or e-commerce sites. For example, Greenly can automatically download your Shopify products or the number of vCPUs you use on your cloud infrastructure.

But the hardest part of the carbon footprint equation is what happens up and down. How can you assess the impact of carbon on your suppliers?

Green has turned this challenge into an advantage as it creates a viral cycle. Customers can send a link to the Greenly website to their suppliers to share more information about carbon dioxide.

“If you want to keep going, you have to get involved with your suppliers. We are asking our customers to send a request to collect more data. After that, we strengthen everything when we have all the information, and we can evaluate the product. distributors, “Normand said.

Once suppliers test the product, they can start using it for their company. “We want to build Quickbooks for carbon tracking,” Normand said.

There are also legal requirements for developing this software industry. In France, for example, companies with more than 500 employees must release carbon footprint. In a few years, the limit will be reduced to 250 employees.

90% of startup customers are SMEs, but some large companies are also using the site to compare their suppliers. Once you have downloaded all your suppliers on site, you can choose to work with each other due to environmental requirements.

There are 400 companies currently using Greenly. With most of them now in France, the company has opened an office in the United States to address U.S. markets.