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Google Wallet may be making a return

Google seems to be working on restoring Wallet format after making the app part of Google Pay (through Android Police). According to Mishaal RahmanThe company is creating a Google Play Services Wallet integration that will serve as a way to access and manage payments and debit cards, passes, rewards, membership, and more.

At the moment, most of these are managed by Google Pay, and it looks like you can probably find a new Wallet UI inside that app, which Rahman said will still be used for non-related payments. It also looks like the cards you put in your wallet can be found elsewhere, as the images show a link that says “learn how your wallet card will appear throughout Google.”

Google Wallet launched as Google NFC for payment 2011, working as a place to store digital payment cards digitally. Throughout her life, she has evolved into a digital (and sometimes physical) payment service over the years to become a kind of Venmo competitor before folding Android payments to create Google Pay in 2018 The app has since been completely redesigned and rolled out. More than the app you use to send money to friends and store it on your digital cards.

That transition has confused some people, and the fact that Google Pay is trying to do something about it everything in terms of payment (Google even planned to launch a banking service, but the project was canceled) probably to no avail. If Google is returning Wallet to a special place to manage your cards, it can help you focus on your Google Pay repayment experience and send money to friends.