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How to see your photos and albums on a Google Nest Hub smart display

The Google family of Nest Hub smart displays can do many things: control your smart home devices; show you the doorbell feed in the video; play YouTube videos; double as a digital cookbook; and even go to bed with you. But they also make great digital images.

There are a lot of digital images out there, but what sets Google apart is the optimization process that makes your digital images look like a printed image instead of a digital image on a computer screen. Nest Hubs are also really easy to use – all you need is a Google Photos free account. Iyo, from $ 100are some of the most expensive options out there.

Google also has a feature called Live Albums which will automatically update some albums with new images, so you do not need to manually update when you want to refresh your view. (Although you can do this if you choose – here’s how to set up your Google Photos.) You can also share albums with anyone with a Google Photos account, so that grandparents can get regular feeds updated and photographed their grandchildren at their Nest Hub.

Now we have explained why You may want to use Google Nest Hub in digital format, here it is how to do.

Upload your photos to Google Photos

  • Download and upload the Google Photos app to your smartphone (iOS or Android).
  • Inside the app, you The library and tap + to create a new album.
  • You can also select an existing album to edit and embellish your presentation.
  • Alternatively, you can set up live albums on Google, including friends and family (a photo of your loved ones and / or pets identified by the Google facial recognition logo), Latest, and Favorites. It is automatically updated when you upgrade and run it.

Both Nest Hub (left) and Nest Hub Max (right) produce high-resolution digital images.
Photo courtesy of Dan Seifert / The Verge

View your photo album as photos showing Nest Hub

You can now select one of these albums to show off your Nest Weapons. You can do this directly with the Hub itself or the Google Home app (iOS or Android).

On the Nest Hub

  • Say “Okay Google, change the image” or drag it down and tap Setting.
  • Tap Photo Gallery> Google Photos.
  • Your album list will appear Select the ones you want to display.

Inside the Google Home app

  • Furo Google Home app.
  • Select your display on the main screen of the app, click on it Setting icon, and select Photo Gallery.
  • Your album list will appear Select the ones you want to display.

Tips and tricks for displaying your Nest Hub images

The Google Home app gives you settings to control the display of your photo album.

You can customize the way your image looks in the Nest Hub using the Google Home app.

  • Open the Google Home app
  • Select your image from the main screen of the Google Home app, tap Setting icon, and select Photo Gallery.
  • You will see options that you can turn on or off to display the weather, time, image data, and other options for your show.
  • You can also choose to display the images in the image – with the option of showing two sides instead of leaving half of the screen blank or cutting to fit the screen.
  • You can adjust the shutter speed by increasing it by five, 10, and 30 seconds and one, three, five, or 10 minutes.

Control your slideshow or access your voice information using the following Google Assistant commands:

  • “Hey Google, next image”
  • “Hey Google, old image”
  • “Hey Google, when was this taken?”
  • “Hey Google, where did this one go?”
  • “Hey Google, love this picture”
  • “Hey Google, share this picture [contact name]”
  • “Hey Google, remove this image”