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Google rolls out new badges to help people avoid bad Chrome extensions

Google is trying to make it easier for Chrome users to install a useful extension without having to check where it came from. The company said it had began to put two new signs on the extension. The first one, presented, looks like a prize ribbon and will be presented with extensions that “follow our best technical practice and meet the highest standards of user experience and design.”

Google says this is a hands-on process that involves evaluating extensions for a “fun and intuitive experience,” ensuring that developers use the latest APIs, and keeping an eye on specific extensions and extensions. requested. To get the logo presented, the extension must also have a detailed store page that clearly defines their objectives. Finally, the key features of the extension “should be available without additional certificates or payments.

The two new brands live in the Chrome Web Store today.
Image: Google

The second logo will show the extension made by the established publishers. This one, with a branded design, is given to publishers “who have verified their identity and demonstrated adherence to program development policies.” But verifying identity alone is not enough to earn a mark. Google also says the creators of the extension should show a “positive track record” of its services and no visible violations of development policy. This means that new publishers of the extension must prove themselves first. Google said it would “take at least a few months to comply with these requirements to qualify.”

Companies may not offer any of the new brands, although they can name the existing extension to get the one offered. “It has always been our goal to make it easier for users to get a great boost by recognizing the publishers who created them,” Google’s Debbie Kim said in a blog post today detailing the brands. The features should help people improve by clicking on the install button without worrying about malicious extensions making them access the Chrome Web Store.