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Go read this report about the virtual doctors at an NFT clinic who can’t legally give medical advice

If the combination of NFTs and the health industry does not seem to be possible, this report quotes BuzzFeed News it will most likely confirm your suspicions. An NFT project called MetaDocs appoints physicians / influencers, such as Drs. Pimple Popper, to (somewhat less) cartoons themselves, which users can then purchase to have one-on-one discussions, question-and-answer sessions, or DM- yada.

But despite MetaDocs’ goal cutting the “red tape” Along with the availability of doctors, MetaDocs themselves are not legally able to provide medical advice to those with NFT. Sida BuzzFeed She points out, MetaDocs does not have a telemedicine license, prohibits its doctors from giving medical advice, prescribing medications, or actually diagnosing patients.

“At this point, I’m worried about referring anyone as a patient,” he said. Dustin Portela, a MetaDocs doctor and dermatologist, said in a statement BuzzFeed.

This lack of communication has even made it clear the value of one of these NFTs. According to BuzzFeedMetaDocs did not determine the final price but hit 0.2ETH, or $ 570, in a recent white paper – a much higher amount than you would pay when you see a real general practitioner with no insurance (depending on your location and office, of course).

However, MetaDocs founder Dr. Sina Joorabachi told him BuzzFeed that the value of MetaDocs NFTs does not depend on healthcare: “What we can bring is connectivity with these doctors at any cost they want to talk about or connect with.” The dark lines between the discussion of medicine and medical advice may have caused some doctors to jump ship – BuzzFeed says nine doctors, including two who said they would never allow their names to be included in the project, have been removed from MetaDocs.

In the future, MetaDocs hopes to make a difference in healthcare, and that includes screening patients with real-world haptic shock. That may seem far-fetched, but not MetaDocs. If you want to take a closer look at all of this madness, definitely go read it BuzzFeed News‘report.