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Musk says Tesla aspires to mass produce robotaxis by 2024 –

Tesla plans to bring a dedicated robot without a steering wheel or wing to the market by 2024, manager Elon Musk said Wednesday during Tesla’s revenue call for the first quarter of 2022.

That is only two years to develop, test, validate, produce and commercialize a robotics service that meets the legal requirements that vary from state to state. California, Tesla’s largest market for passenger cars, will have to go through the two agencies’ licensing process.

Musk slammed loudly despite the many challenges.

The dedicated robot will greatly improve its independence, which means it will not have a steering wheel or wings, Musk said, adding that there are other new numbers around him that he thinks are too high. are very interesting.

“I think it could be a very powerful product where we aim to achieve volume production by 2024,” Musk said later, adding, “I think [the robotaxi] will definitely be a big driver of Tesla growth. “

Earlier this month at the opening of Tesla’s Austin gigfactory, Musk outlined a variety of futures products that are out of its passenger car business, producing the most profit today. These products include robotics and Optimus, Tesla’s human robot concept.

Tesla’s robotaxi tracking makes it competitive with companies that have been developing autonomous automotive technology for many years, including Alphabet Waymo, Argo AI, Aurora, GM sub-submarine Cruise, Motional and Zoox submarines.

It also calls into question whether Tesla intends to scrap its current strategy to gain full independence or whether this will be developed in the same way.

Musk has been suggesting robotaxis for years, but it is not a separate product as one said on Wednesday. Instead, he has repeatedly promised to convert Tesla cars that people have today into their own robotics with the advanced driving assistance system called Full Self-Driving software which is now costly. $ 12,000.

Tesla cars come with a driver support system labeled Autopilot. Owners can purchase “full self-driving,” or FSD – software that Musk has repeatedly promised will one day provide full driving capabilities. FSD is not able to drive alone. It is considered Level 2 ADAS and still requires a human driver to pay attention and control. Dozens of videos posted by the owners provide a mixed picture of the power of the software including many parts of cars that have failed to navigate the basic drive and even suddenly turn on people walking or walking. another way.

During the call, Tesla admitted that its cars were not widely available to many people due to their high cost and saw the introduction of robotaxis as a way to provide customers with “so far the lowest price per mile of traffic they have ever had.” met, said Musk.

“Look at some of our predictions, it will look like robotaxi rides will cost less than a bus ticket, subsidized bus ticket or subsidized subway ticket,” Musk continued.

Notably, he did not disclose what sensor Tesla was considering for the purpose-built car and whether it would use only cameras or also hire a lighter and radar, which is industry standard.

The full integration of Tesla and Autopilot Features relies heavily on cameras and vision-based approach to achieve independence, while most other AV companies rely on a combination of cameras, radar and LEDs. But during the call, Musk acknowledged the difficulties of achieving a truly complete self-direction through this process which ended up being a continuous game of two steps forward, one step back. .

“In terms of full self-driving, any technological advancement I’ve been involved in, I’ve never really seen a lot of false positives or where it looks like we’re going to break it, but we don’t, as I am. ‘ “Full driving, ‘” Musk said. The entire road system is designed for biological and optical networks. So really, when you think about it, in order to solve the problem of driving, we have to solve the neural networks and cameras to a level of power equal to, or really higher than human. I hope we can achieve that this year. “