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Diablo Immortal is launching on Android, iOS, and PC on June 2nd

We already know that Blizzard is working on a new internal access Diablo series for mobile devices. Today, in line with Activision Blizzard’s Q1 2022 revenue report, the company announced that Diablo Immortal It will be released on Android and iOS on June 2 and, surprisingly, PC is also open beta.

According to the developers, Diablo Immortal will have game-play and interactive advancement with PC controller and computer support.

Post it Diablo II: Lord of Destruction, Diablo Immortal, is MMORPG- game-free The game will be online-only, and according to the development team, it will introduce new characters, storytelling, and more as part of “life, breathing, and continuous experience growing. ”

Players will be able to pre-register before the June 2 release date here.

Blizzard has recently been the subject of a lot of information about new games and a long list of highly anticipated but consistently delayed updates. It works a World of Warcraft mobile experience (with an update that says it will release more details about “coming weeks” and a new safety game. Elsewhere in the Blizzard ecosystem, Excessive watching 2 will enter beta closed from April 26 with an internal test on Diablo 4 going.