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Deal-flow newsletters surface gold nuggets for investors –

Will Y Combinator One day invest in 1,000 companies per batch? President, Geoff Ralston, I do not think that is impossible. But in the technological media, the possibility creates confusion: We can try to choose the favorites, but we can not cover any hopeful start in his early days.

This situation, it turns out, creates an opportunity for the emerging source of startup: contract newspapers.

“The first part of the technology industry deserves to be documented as it is the starting point for every start-up trip, and there are a lot of interesting ideas that have been tried,” said Martin Bryant, who co-wrote with PreSeed Now started today. “The sweet spot for this newsletter is companies that have gone beyond the concept of paper back but have not yet promoted equity investments abroad.”

Investors are the target of PreSeed Now and its counterparts, as well as Spanish Vermú. The new UK newsletter has no shared figures yet, but Vermú says, and they show proof of demand: Available 4,500 customers within months.

Do investors want what the newsletters offer? And what about the creators of the newsletter and the beginners involved? Let’s not despair.

Election comparison

There are several reasons why investors sign up for the deal flow newsletter, Bryant and Vermú co-founder Aitor Rodríguez told TechCrunch.

The business angels are a big part of the readership, so are the early VCs – both types of investors are constantly looking for a good start to add to their throat. In terms of investing in the next stage, they like companies to better display their radar to find out what’s coming next.