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Twitter board OKs Musk’s $44B buyout, describes sale as ‘best path forward’ –

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The date is April 25, 2022. We spent most of the day keeping a close eye on Elon, but it seems (pending details and legislation), the action is done. The sparky-space-sousage and battery-powered car is now also the lucky owner of the bird-watching app. Alyssa and Taylor Schedule a useful time to write all of this-as-sitcom-writer-and-lose-your-work-story, if you have lost track of Venn’s charts at ornithology intersections and billionaire dramas.

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  • Elon Musk tweeted the deal: That’s a roll, folks – after closely following this last week, we will now have something else to focus on. Musk and Twitter agreed on $ 54.20 per share, valuing the major social media company at $ 44 billion. Musk went on to talk about “free speech,” which surprised us if the former president’s account would be restored.
  • Meta has a warehouse, one in real life: A company trying to sell us a metaverse, it is interesting to note that the Meta method for doing this is that we are in the store to test all their devices and a lot of gizmos. Although it may not be surprising. I think the people they are targeting are the ones who like to explore in every aspect. Well played!
  • Zenda calculates school salaries in Africa: As I prepare to send my oldest to university in two years, I am very interested AnnieThe report on how Zenda based in the United Arab Emirates is helping parents living on the other side of the world, now heading to Africa, to pay school fees online instead of paying bank deposits as proof of payment. The company is also looking at some financial wellness products, which, let’s face it, we all need more.

Beginning and VC

It’s a pretty radical idea of ​​what you can do with big data, and Kyle’s article looks at how some Swiss researchers design and predict future markets and what startups will be funded.

I have been very upset over the last two days, it seems. Today, I wrote about some of the worst photography products I have reviewed over the years, and over the weekend, a video on how thieves are using hackers to hack Google into our registration site, TC +.

More? But yes, of course:

  • Dad is not enough? Make some fake ones: You think 8 billion people will be enough, but technology is against it, apparently. Mike explores why we will see more artificial people joining every corner of the internet, really soon.
  • Give it to me all the time, I expect: More than $ 15 billion in rent is paid in late US each month, causing all sorts of stress. Circa wants to end this by raising $ 2 million to find out what property owners own between 1,000 and 10,000 tenants.
  • Fintech business platformRooser set up a seafood business and raised $ 23 million for clams, or whatever you call itto continue his journey.
  • From sea to shining sea: Probably the sea-shaNFTys singer all the way, OpenSea bought Gem, shortly after one of the later co-founders was thrown into the sea to be accused of behaving like a complete human dump.

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  • You can’t write Chevy’s Corvette without a little prince on the back. And while that is going on, the new EV model at first glance will bring you back to Michael Keaton’s “Batman,” soundtrack which you will recall, which was heavily featured in Price. However, video is a complete car porn, but the technology behind it may also add up. General Motors battery technology incorporates car heat to improve volume, acceleration and efficiency. My husband was asking me what kind of car I wanted next time, and I might have found it now.
  • Lots of great news today: It looks like Apple’s App Store and Apple Music still have issues when we go to the press. Amazon Prime is currently running TikTok with a little help from Jason Derulo. Lauren It presented a good discussion as to why Netflix is ​​getting into live games (we are talking about big money, big, big) and Spotify has launched a fund to support independent open source projects that help developers continue.
  • Now it looks like Google Pixel Watch will be a thing. Sida Brian She points out, it was a “long and rocky road” at this hour, but I’m glad to show off some cool new ones to my iPhone friends.
  • Investors are coming into the “feature stores” and we are excited Kyle here is to explain all about what they are and why they are attractive.