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Ok, this one is for the crypto-curious –

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Greetings and welcome EqualityA podcast about startup business, where we produce figures and nuance behind the headlines.

This is our presentation on Wednesday, where we take a look at one topic, think about a question and come up with the rest. This week, Natasha and Alex was asked: What does a crypto-curious need to know in order to be very smart about space? Better than our question, though, was our company: we brought it Anita Ramaswamy and Lucas Matney, The mastermind behind the new TechCrunch podcast Chain reaction. The crypto-focused pods were launched a few weeks ago and already have a lot of public interest. We highly recommend listening, and perhaps starting with one that will shed light on your retirement saving strategy.

Back to today, though, the four of us chatting through some of the biggest questions that entrants into crypto might be thinking about, including unntangling web3’s hard jargon around broadcasting to see if it really is is different from what other technology companies are already doing. We also took a look at the reporter’s brochure to cover crypto, asking if you need to be an investor to report and understand how complex the conflicts of interest can be in production. Lightweight topics, you know us!

Thanks again to our two loved ones who joined us and don’t forget that Equality is very much on Twitter these days, so join us there other midweek entertainment.

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