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This company makes vodka out of thin air to save the planet –

It’s an old story: Take CO2 out of the air, shake off your magic potion, and boil it like vodka and perfume. The planet wins carbon sequestration points, and you can stumble at home at the end of a night of rehab and everyone who kisses that night can taste how much you care about the environment. Well, that and martinis. The Air Company sell vodka, hand cleaner and or de parfumand has now upgraded Series A to double its commitment to the planet.

“The best time to start this company would be many years ago. Climate disasters are something that has happened for decades,” said Gregory Constantine, general manager and founder of the airline. “I hope what we are doing now can inspire others go out and try to trigger climate change as well as use technology solutions like ours to help try to change climate change. “

The company has unveiled its first product in 2019 with the first alcoholic beverage made directly from carbon dioxide, Air Vodka. During the disaster, the company used alcohol entry to make hand sanitizers in the early days, when there was less material found on the shelves.

“During the epidemic, we developed hygiene products – hand sanitizers that we donated throughout New York and throughout the United States,” Constantine said. “The investment we have made is really helping to scale these products to meet demand because we are constantly selling all of our products. We also want to start our transition to the industrial sector, so that we can really have a huge impact. with weight. “

The company claims to be the world’s leading carbon technology company that produces ‘carbon-negative alcohol and consumer products’ CO2. Today it announced it has raised $ 30 million in funding for the A series. Direct Carbon Capital Management led the tour with the participation of Toyota Ventures, JetBlue Technology Ventures, and Parley for the Oceans. This round brings in a total investment of Air Company over $ 40 million.

“Our goal is to increase human life on this planet by directly changing the carbon levels in our atmosphere by incorporating carbon conversion technology into every applicable part. We have achieved this mission by providing people with a variety of attractive products from created carbon offsets and working with businesses to integrate their industry technology, increasing the amount of CO2 we can benefit each year, “said Constantine,” if we work with businesses. It can help protect our planet through through technology development and innovation, then we are doing our job “

Hard looking machines

From air and water to alcohol in a few steps through beautiful landscaping machines. Photo Credit: Air Company

Air Company plans to capitalize on new growth capital to rapidly increase CO2 alcohol production by building the company’s third facility. The state-of-the-art plant will benefit from the carbon footprint recently developed by the airline, the largest ever. This system will be committed to significantly increasing the production of ethanol CO2 and sustainable fuel.

“Our immediate goal of the Air Company is to improve and measure our carbon dioxide conversion technology to the purest alcohol, the lowest carbon in consumer products, the path to industrial applications,” said Drs. Stafford Sheehan, Chief Technology Officer and Founder of Air Company. “Ultimately, we aim to have a real impact on tackling climate change by using waste and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to disperse fossil fuels; by replacing the carbon we currently produce on the ground, carbon out of the air. ”

The company’s magic trick is to produce pure ethanol, with the only sources being CO2, water, and solar energy. I was surprised to find out that the company does not use a contractor company to create its own products – it uses its own equipment to convert and produce.

“Our components are much lower than traditional manufacturers, but the main reason we are setting up our facilities is that we want to limit the amount of traffic we have on our products. That is where the main source of carbon dioxide comes from – “Until we reach the total size, we will try to limit the number of vehicles that occur by doing it ourselves. In addition, all of our facilities are powered by renewable energy as well, so that is a great reason to reduce emissions. ”

Vodka is sold everywhere, but the company has its distribution partners, and you should be able to pick it up from a bottle at your nearest liquor store, or on the company’s website when it releases its next batch of smart loopyjuice. the planet.