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Call of Duty anti-cheat system makes legit players invisible to cheaters

New to you blog post, the development behind Call of Duty’s Ricochet anti-cheating system has defined a new dimension of “shut down” that makes legitimate players invisible to fraud. It effectively makes it impossible for cheaters to compete during the game, regardless of any illegal software they may use.

“The characters, the shots, even the sounds of the legitimate players will be undetectable by deception,” the blog post reads. “Legal players, however, can see the cheats affected by the dress… and can stop the punishment during the game.” The new locking mechanism is provided along with an earlier anti-fraud measure called the Damage Shield, which means that cheating bullets will not harm other players.

While the Ricochet team is now detailing the style of dressing, it still seems to be available in style. Call of Duty: Warzone until at least mid-February, when a measure of fraud was posted on Twitter.

Call of Duty has banned tens of thousands of scams in recent months, but its blog post suggests that allowing scams to continue this game in this reduced state means that “[collect] data necessary to identify fraudulent behavior. ”It also encourages players to continue to report fraud in order to improve its fraud detection characteristics.

Ricochet anti-cheat kernel driver operating inside computers was previously available Warzonebut now it begins Vanguardaccording to the blog site. Eurogamer notes that the fraud prevention system also has a part of the server which has long been available for both Call of Duty games

In a blog post, the Ricochet Group confirms that an additional 54,000 accounts have been banned since its last update (which was banned by 90,000 accounts). Prohibited players will be removed from the boards, she said.