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Brave’s latest feature automatically bypasses Google AMP pages –

Hero proclaimed in a blog post to introduce a new version of “De-AMP” which will be automatically transferred from Google’s Accelerate Mobile Pages (AMP) to users of the original website. Brave said that where possible, De-AMP will rewrite links and URLs to prevent users from visiting AMP pages.

In cases where this is not possible, the company says its browser will “watch while pages are being pulled and divert users from AMP pages before the page is even created, preventing AMP / Google code from being downloaded and to be carried out. “

Brave is making a new addition to its privacy and security features and said on its blog page that “AMP is harmful to users and the network as a whole” and that it “increases network dictatorship.” Brave also warns that the upcoming recurrence of AMP will even cause more harm to users.

Google originally developed the AMP model, which the company introduced in 2015 and is supported by an open work team, to make it easier and faster for mobile browsers. Accelerated mobile pages were a very controversial project since the first time. As part of creating fast pages, the AMP project uses a cluster of CDN pages, which means that Google search results will direct a user to an AMP page run by Google, effectively cutting out the content owner. . In addition, a number of publishers have moved to leave the structureHe said it would lead to lower advertising revenue.

While Brave’s stance on this new feature is a major effort against the AMP architecture, it still lags behind Chrome and other browsers in terms of mobile market share, which means AMP sites are still something that many users experience. online.

The new version of De-AMP is now available in beta and will be automatically activated on 1.38 desktop and the following Android versions, and will be released on iOS shortly. If you are in the beta version of your browser, you may need to restart your browser to make the new changes take effect.